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3 Tips for Hiring the Best Staff Possible


While many people worry about finding the perfect job for them, as a manager or recruitment officer, you often worry about finding the ideal candidate for your company. Now, it feels like you pour through endless resumes that are riddled with everything from basic spelling errors to bald-faced lies, and it can feel you’re never going to find the right person for the job. This can hurt your company, so you need to make sure you do all you can to find the best people and hire them, too.

Write the Perfect Job Description

You can’t attract the best staff without a job description that appeals to them. But this is where many businesses falter at the first hurdle. They fill their job descriptions with buzzwords that are vague enough so that, even by the end of the description, the applicant still isn’t sure what their responsibilities are. These descriptions are usually too long and rely on stroking the ego of the applicant instead of setting out expectations for what the job will entail.

Other issues can include unreasonable experience demands, especially when it comes to working with code that requires five years of experience even though it only launched two years ago. The only thing this does is drive the best candidates away and attract people who are merely looking for a job, rather than a career.

Establish Educational Relationships

Universities and local colleges will often have some of the best and brightest graduates leaving, and depending on the industry your business operates in, you can take advantage of this to bring in eager employees straight out of education.

Working with universities such as Kettering Online can provide immediate jobs for those who would otherwise struggle to find a career straight away. Through these partnerships, you help the community and boost your reputation, while always ensuring you have a steady stream of staff coming through the door. Just make sure that you pay them, as unpaid internships are quickly becoming something that many graduates try to avoid regardless of how much ‘experience’ it might bring them.

Make Your Workplace Attractive

From the building to the culture to opportunities for advancement, an attractive workplace will appeal to the best of the best. Really, it will appeal to everybody, but if you’ve already done some thorough preparation, you can weed out those who aren’t serious about helping your business grow, and instead leave yourself with hungry young professionals who want to make an impression.

But how does a workplace look attractive? Engaging About Us descriptions and fun photographs on your website should do the trick, as will an active social media presence. When candidates arrive for an interview, it’s also essential to make them feel welcome and make sure everyone looks like they’re having fun at work. With the right culture, this isn’t something you should have to force, either.

The Perfect Team

It’s easy to feel discouraged when searching for the perfect member of staff to bring on board. However, the right person is always there; you just need to do everything possible to make your company the most appealing one around.

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