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reMarkable Paper Tablet Makes Reading, Writing and Sketching So Much Easier, Productive

by Fahad Saleem

I have always struggled with focusing on work or reading whenever I am using an electronic device. These blue light screens have something weird in them. They are full of distractions, too. Contrary to this, paper helps people in recreating the focus that seems to be lost in the modern computing world of today. When you are sitting on a chair with a book or diary on the table, holding a solid pen, things seem to go in a flow. If you are a paper person, and want to read or write on a paper, but feel helpless as the world around you has shifted completely to the electronic devices, we have a good news for you. reMarkable paper tablet is here to let you do all the work with the full paper feels.

paper-tablet-6 paper-tablet-5 paper-tablet-4

reMarkable paper tablet works on the Canvas screen technology, which has the complete look and feel of a solid paper. On this tablet, you can sketch, draw, read, write, take notes and scratch lines without even feeling the barrier of the electronic screens. It shows the text and drawings in solid black ink. The screen is highly responsive, and connects pixels quickly and readily to give users the feel of paper flow.

paper-tablet-2 paper-tablet-1

Check out this video to see what this paper tablet can actually do

You can read on reMarkable paper tablet just like you read on a solid paper book. You can highlight the important parts on the go, take notes, shift pages by swiping. There is no glare on the screen. There are no bright lights. It’s all the paper vibe.

reMarkable paper tablet supports almost all the document formats. You can transfer books and files using Wifi from your computer to this amazing new tablet.

When it comes to writing, reMarkable paper tablet is the best paper-like writing tablet. iPad Pro with Apple Pencil doesn’t come even close. There are several writing templates which a user can choose. The pages have narrow and wide lines and margins just like a normal solid page. You can also select a clear A4 and other size pages. You can rest your hand on the screen and write like you do on a normal page. There are no handwriting or styling restrictions. You can write in any fashion and the screen will save it as is.

What’s more, you can sketch with all the amazing features like saving, undo, updating, templates and more. You won’t need to scan your sketches. There is also a syncing feature in which you can sync your work in real time across your mobile devices, laptop and PC.


reMarkable paper tablet is 10.3-inch in size. It is now available for a preorder at a discounted rate of $379. Order it here.


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