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5 Best Budget Xiaomi Products You Should Buy

by Fahad Saleem

Xiaomi manufacturers have released hundreds of products other than smart phones. Through its Mi Ecosystem Label along with other Chinese companies, it has rolled out smart home products, robot vacuums, smart shoes and fitness bands. It has also produced everyday items such as screwdriver sets, luggage and backpacks. Moreover, you can use Mi Home App to control your smart home products. Many of Xiaomi products are sold in China only but you can buy them through a third-party reseller. Without further ado, below are the best Xiaomi products you should buy.

Yeelight LED bulb

The Yeelight LED bulb doesn’t require a centralized hub to work. The LED bulb connects to your home Wi-Fi which can then be regulated through the Yeelight App or the Mi Home App. This one of the best Xiaomi products you should buy costs $22 which is half the cost of an alike hue bulb. You can play around with color palette of Yeeligh LED bulb to get different light effects. Also, the bulb works with Alexa and Google Assistant, letting you control the lights with your voice. Yeelight’s color temperature ranges from 1700k to 6500k.

Mi Band 2

It is the most popular product around the world. The Mi fitness Band costs just $28 and comes with dazzling features including OLED screen, heart rate sensor, automatic sleep tracking and activity tracking. On your Mi fitness app, you can view the detailed statistics of your daily activities. The band syncs with Google Fit too. The biggest reason for the Mi Band to be the best Xiaomi product you should buy is its battery life. On a full charge, it provides battery life of 20 days.

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another best Xiaomi product you should buy is Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The latest model contains a mop for wet cleaning. It has a 200P powerful motor, a 360-degree map of your house which is created by a laser sensor and an algorithm to track the most effective cleaning directions. Its full charge battery of 5200mAh gives a cleaning time of two hours. When low on battery, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner returns to its base station. The App allows you to set automated schedules. This one of the best Xiaomi product you should buy costs $470.

Electric Scooter

Xiaomi 8.5-inch tire folding electric scooter has been made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and weights only 12kg. It has E-ABS braking system, cruise control system, intelligent BMS system and kinetic energy recovery system. This smart, beautiful as well as practical electric scooter costs $475. This best Xiaomi product you should buy has a smart App to track your cycling habits.

Mi FPV 4K Drone

A very impressive and cheap drone with marvelous features that you would expect from an expensive drone. When the battery is low, it automatically returns back to its base station. Moreover, it has real-time location tracking, can follow a pre-determined route and hover around objects on the map. This best Xiaomi product you should buy costs $500.

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