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5 Best Webcam Security Software

by Fahad Saleem

5 Best Webcam Security Software

You can easily set up a home or office security network using webcam security software. The webcam will be used for carrying out surveillance of home or offices. The built-in camera in your laptop or external one connected to your PC, can be configured easily with free webcam software for establishing a mini surveillance infrastructure. This article provides a brief description and usage of some of the best webcam spy software. You may review the following surveillance software for webcam for serving your security purposes.

Vitamin D

It can detect the moving objects in the video. It can also distinguish humans from other objects. This free online webcam software sends you email as soon as an intruder tries to break into your house. You can easily view your surveillance video later also. This software allows you to set up one camera for networking. If you want to establish a network with many cameras, you may use one of the following security software for webcam.

webcam security software 1


It is another great security webcam software. Unlike Vitamin D, you can set up webcams for creating a network. You may also use CCTV cameras for carrying out surveillance. It allows you to access your cameras from the internet also. So, you can easily see what is being recorded by your webcam spy software and even share it with your friends.  It may also be configured to send you alerts whenever it detects motion in front of camera. Email alerts are available with the free version. However, cell phone alerts are available in the paid version only. Overall, it is pretty easy to use as a free online webcam.

webcam security software 2


It is another good webcam surveillance software. It allows you to connect up to 6 cameras. You can also see your webcam stream over internet. This software allows you to tilt your webcams remotely if your webcam supports those. When you share your feed over the internet, this software shows whether anybody is looking at your feed, and shows their IP addresses, country, and location information. This software also allows you to stream your webcam feed to your iPhone.

webcam security software 3

My Webcam Broadcaster

This free webcam software allows you to use your camera for surveillance of your office or home. It is very easy to set up and then records the feed of any feed connected to your PC: webcam or other network camera. You can watch your feed over your cell phone using the website of My Webca Broadcaster, and enter your account information.

webcam security software 4


It is another very good home webcam surveillance software. It features motion detection as well as video streaming over the internet. It also supports the stealth mode. It will start as your PC boots up, and it will immediately start recording without information of anybody.

webcam security software 5

Lenovo webcam software is also a good option other than the aforementioned ones. It is an HD webcam software that captures images from Lenovo webcams, and records other webcam images to high quality video files.



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