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5 Brilliant Resources for learning programming, designing and thinking aspects

by Fahad Saleem

5 Brilliant Resources for learning programming, designing and thinking aspects

Coding and designing was never easy before these brilliant websites. It was supposed to be boring and tedious work that required intense studying and time, but with the use of these resources, coding seems to be fun now. Any person will gain instant interest and not have to sit through the boring process of learning coding and designing the hard way. These websites not only help in coding but also go through the solutions of the rising problems which people may face. The following are five great resources which will definitely help the newcomers and allow them to understand the web technology.

Bentobox.IO (full repository of links to different coding schools) is a complete dry run on how to code in multiple languages. It is a comprehensive initiating point for the person who doesn’t know anything about coding. This site is not hard to understand. Bentobox.IO is very user friendly and definitely helpful for beginners hat are new to coding.

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Hacker News (reddit-like technology subsection focused on start-up entrepreneurs)

Up to some extent, this is different from other community sites. We can say that this site is within a family of people who are associated with technology and technological developments which are being made on a daily basis. If you really want  to be updated with latest technological  advancement, you should visit this site regularly. list_172_14_20110112_155622_533

Hack Design (emails sent to your inbox full of design goodness)

What is designing? You will surely get the answer after visiting this site. Designing is not only about fancy pictures and patterns, but it is something more than that. For some really attractive and gorgeous ideas one should visit and get benefits from this superb site.

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 CodeAcademy (gamified version of learning how to code)

If you want some sort of fun during coding of different languages, you are at the right place then. Code academy provides you a enticing environment for coding which will help you for many other languages. You can surely practice some basic techniques which can help you in coding of many languages.

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JQuery’s user interface documentation (simple instructions and copy+paste on how to build in cool things into your web projects)

It is a java script library that provides brooding effects, animations and widgets. It was released in September 2007. It is a free open source software which is very popular among people since its release and being helpful in designing and preparing amazing projects.

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