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5 Games To Play To Keep Your Mind Active


As we start to get older, it’s only natural that we all start to experience the idea of our minds deteriorating. You don’t even have to be a senior to feel this way. But at the same time, we’re always on the go and it can be exhausting. Sometimes it’s nice to slow down in life and focus on the things that will help us mentally to stay calm and stress-free. Games can help with both of these factors. So let’s take a look at the games you can play to keep your mind active (and have fun)!

1. Tetris

First of all, we have the idea of tetris. Tetris is one of everyone’s favourite games. It’s such a classic game but it’s still so fun to play today. And the good thing is, you really don’t have to have a tetris game. These days, as you’re able to play gkames online, you can also play tetris online too. It’s something that keeps you alert but that’s also fun and enjoyable too.

2. Crosswords

Next up we have good old fashioned crosswords and word games. When you’ve got to think about different clues and questions, it’s a great way to keep testing your mind. You may find that wordsearches come in handy here too.

3. Scrabble

As a step on from that, a similar game that can of course be a lot of fun is the idea of playing scrabble. And you can do this in two ways. If you have the scrabble board, you could look to play this with your family or friends. Or, you could even aim to play this online too. And if you really want to push your brain, a scrabble word finder can help you get more ideas. That way, you’re learning new works and helping yourself improve at the game too.

4. Crossword Puzzle

The good old-fashioned-newspaper is also readily available online. Yep, you don’t even need to pull out the day’s paper. All you need is some internet connection on your phone, and voila. You can have time ticking away fast, as you keep yourself occupied with the crossword puzzle. Quite ideal for the impatient people as they wait on someone or something – time will fly fast as you play this online game on your phone. The next moment you look up, things will have proceeded to where you want them to be; perhaps your next in the queue.

5. Sudoku

From here, there’s also sudoku to think about too. Numbers games can be really fun and also great for your brain too. It’s said that sudoku can help to keep your brain ten years younger. So if you are worried about keeping your wits or you’re aging and you want to stay alert, sudoku could be one for you.


Finally, there’s also chess to be thinking about. Chess is a game of skill and it can be a lot of fun too. It’s something that you can play physically with a chess board and a friend. Or it’s something that you can also play online too. So if you love the idea of playing chess or you’ve always loved it and you want to keep testing your mind, playing chess is also another really great idea. You could also enter tournaments and competitions in this too!

Are you keen to start working on your mind and your memory? Do you love the idea of staying sharp as you age? Then you should find that these games are not only fun to play but that they really help you too.

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