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6 Best Startups That Changed Women’s Lives in 2016

by Fahad Saleem

Technology is bringing a remarkable innovation in women’s lives. In 2016 there were several technology trends and startups that directly addressed and solved the problems of women. Here are the best of them.


MM.Lafleur is a startup that targets those women who don’t want to spend crazy amounts of time in shopping, especially for the outfits for their work and office. MM. Lafleur’s CEO Sarah Lafleur got the idea of this amazing company in her early twenties when she used to dread going shopping for her work dresses. Using MM. Lafleur services, a woman can easily explain her dress preferences, body types, favorite colors and other details and the company would take care of the rest. The company not only selects and shops for its clients, it also makes its own clothing and design products, exclusively for women.



Wearable devices revolutionized how humans live their lives in 2016 and innovations in this realm are going to skyrocket in the coming years. But Bellabeat is not your ordinary wearable device. It is not fancy or made of plastic. It is a bio-tracker that looks like a pendant in the shape of a leaf. It look just like a rich piece of jewelry. It can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace, and a clip. Bellabeat is an exclusive health tracker for women which tracks women’s period, heartbeat, sleep and movement. It also uses all the data and performances a deep analysis on it to predict the stress levels at instances of time. Knowing the expected stress level helps in preparing for them for better coping mechanisms.



A breastfeeding pump startup ‘Naya’ has come up with a new technology which is set to replace the conventional pumps which are used by moms who can’t be with their babies all the time but still want to feed them their own milk. Naya’s pump is smaller, portable and less noisy than the normal breast pumps. The device also uses a special massage mechanism that makes the extraction of milk easy.



Thinx is a startup that has a mission to tear down all the stigmas and shame attached with the natural process of mensuration. The startup has developed a sophisticated underwear, which prevents leakages with a special material that is absorbent, antimicrobial layer of fabric. In 2017, the company will launch several products designed for women, including silicone applicator for organic cotton tampons that are also made by Thinx.

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Beautycounter has a goal to work against the massive restrictions the EU has put on beauty products and aesthetic chemicals and creams by making products with ingredients that have no side effects. For example, it recently made a mascara that is made by a chemical with no harsh effect. The company also amassed a lot of people near the Capitol Hill to raise voice against the restrictions.



Vina is a smartphone app exclusively designed for women who want to find and make new female friends. Usually, most of the friendship and dating apps revolve around opposite or same sex connections for relationships, but Vina wants to help people who move around and switch places a lot and want to make new friends in places they go.


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