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6 Deaths Related to TikTok in 2019

by Fahad Saleem

In 2019 we saw the dramatic rise of TikTok videos all over the world. The app grabbed the attention of millions of people as teenagers and youth kept making short videos, competing each other for internet points. In a race to grab attention, people do insane stuff on TikTok. This has resulted in deaths and injuries. According to a website called TikTok Death, which tracks deaths related to TikTok, there have been 35 deaths because of the app so far.

TikTok Deaths in 2019

1 – A man in India killed his wife for posting videos on Tik Tok despite his objections.  Siddala Chinna Nasaraiah strangulated his wife Gorrapati Suvartha and later burnt her body.

2- A 22-year old man drowned while making TikTok video with his bull. He was trying to make the video to post on TikTok as his fans had requested him to do so as they liked his bull from earlier videos. This incident happened in the Indian city of Coimbatore.

3- Two teenagers in Pakistan were hit by  train as they were trying to shoot a video for TikTok, posing in front of the incoming train. One of the two friends, Zaeem and Mubeen, was killed on the spot.

4- Two young men in Begaluru were killed after getting hit by a high speed train. Both were making a video for a TikTok challenge. Their friend, who was shooting the video, remained safe.

5- In August 2019, 3 youngsters were killed by a train as they were making a TikTok video on the railway track. According to a media report, the deceased were unable to hear the sound of the incoming train due to the sound of TikTok videos and recording.

6 – In June 2019, a young woman named Anitha from Tamil Nadu ate suicide pills while streaming on TikTok. She died within an hour. Anitha was angry as her husband and family were urging her to stop using TikTok and pay attention to her kids.





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