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7 Android 7.0 Nougat Features That iOS Users Can Only Dream Of

by Fahad Saleem

Android 7.0 Nougat is here and we are loving it. It has a lot of new features to make Android platform more productive and refine. Android 7.0 has a lot of features which iPhone users could only dream of. As if Android needed more reasons to prove its dominance over iOS? Here are the best Android Nougat features which dwarf the iOS platform by ages and miles.

Multi-Window feature

Multi-Window feature in Android is a dream come true for multitaskers. You can use multiple apps, say Skype, and texting, in Android 7.0. To use this feature, all you have to do is to long press the recent apps button when you are using any app, and then select any other app to use it alongside the other side of the screen. iOS 9 rolled out a similar feature only supported for iPads. iPhone users could only look at this feature and drool.

multiwindow 1

Change Display Size

Display size is a major useful feature in Android 7.0 using which you can increase or decrease the size of objects and texts on Android screen. Suppose you are reading and article, you can reduce the size by maintaining the ratio and see more content on the screen. iPhone does not have this feature. You can use this feature in the accessibility folder in the settings app.

Change Items of Settings

You can also change the items you see in the quick settings menu in Android 7.0. You can create your own shortcuts and add quick buttons to quickly access to change settings.

Google Daydream VR Program

Google has a daydream VR program using which you can visit places and enjoy VR-based tourism. You must be excited to know that Android 7.0 will have an inbuilt support for Google Daydream. Apple has just revealed its plans of augmented reality based systems, but it is far from actually launching any such program for the end users.

Slide Out Menu

Android Nougat also has a sided, slide-out menu which allows you to navigate through all of the quick options way lot quicker and in an easy way as compared to iOS.

android feature menu

Setting Tidbits

A subtle but highly useful addition in Nougat is the small explanation of each settings in a few words, just below the name of each setting. This is the apex of user friendliness and human computer interface which Google has practiced.

android feature explanation

Switching between apps

If you are using multiple apps, you can just double tap the recent apps button to switch between the apps. This makes app switching much easier.

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