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7 Important Ways to Use Social Media More Effectively in Your Business


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Social media is a great marketing tool that can put your brand in front of millions of potential customers, but only if you do it right. Start-ups and seasoned entrepreneurs alike tend to struggle with gaining traffic, pursuing valuable leads, and maintaining user attention. If you want to create a social media marketing platform that sells, follow the 7 important tips.

1. Be Authentic and Personable

Why do your potential customers use social media to interact with brands when they could just purchase an item without socializing? It’s simple: customers want to befriend brands. In the past, brands were faceless entities, but now, they’re full of people who can impact the world around them. These fans and users want to ensure you are moral and personable, so become that trusted friend who’s interested in building relationships.

2. Pick the Right Social Media Monitoring Tool

Businesses can lose up to 30% of their possible engagement if a customer doesn’t use a hashtag when talking about your brand, misspells the company, or neglects to tag you. Social monitoring management tools can keep your finger on the pulse by monitoring your brand mentions, tracking hashtags, and analyzing topic keywords. This list of social monitoring tools can help you find the optimal software that allows you to monitor your mentions and engagements automatically.

3. Keep Marketing at a Minimum

I thought I was on social media to market, so why am I being told to avoid marketing? Well, customers are savvy when it comes to being sold to, and if you come off too strong, you’ll end up alienating your customers. As a matter of fact, there is a growing trend among end-consumers to punish marketers that come off too strong. They either install ad-blockers, blacklist your site and never to make a return visit.

That is why big OEM players like Microsoft and Apple – whose main interest is getting the end users use their products and services, have installed tools to enable end-users keep aggressive marketers at bay. Though the same cannot be said about Google and its various platforms; given they’re the main server rendering those aggressive marketing ads.

You only need to look at ios14 and facebook ads; Apple has baked stringent measures into the iDevices OS to keep aggressive marketers at bay. That could only mean such aggressive marketers need to re-think their approach when running Facebook Ads. Marketers spend too much time on social media producing ads, but what customers want is content that creates value. If your products or services are of value, you will attract a lot of eyeballs and make huge and even repetitive sales. The key is to focus on marketing posts that are fun and engaging.

4. Create a Successful Post Formula

So you have a high-quality image and a photograph that shows off your product without coming off as too salesy, now you need to fill in the other vital elements to improve your reach. A catchy headline that doesn’t rely on click-bait will entice your customers to pursue your content, but the social media card must be optimized to show up correctly. URLs and text come secondary, but you’ll still need to highlight key aspects of your content to keep them interested.

5. Optimize Content for Mobile

Google uses a mobile-first indexing, which means that the search engine primarily uses the mobile version of your content for ranking and indexing. If your website isn’t optimized for social media, you’ll miss out on the vast majority of your customer base. As a business, you should also establish a “mobile-first” strategy because your users will click away from a poorly formatted website. Since phones range in size, ensure resolution is optimal on all devices.

6. Start Building a Reputation

Your customers want to buy from businesses with great reputations. Otherwise, they won’t know if they can trust you. Without social clout, you’ll reduce your shares and positive press, which will make it unlikely larger brands or influencers will work with you in the future. Start shaping your reputation by asking your customers to fill out reviews and by creating content you’re proud of. Over time, your brand will stay relevant based on your reputation alone.

7. Stay on Networks That Market to Your Niche

Although all social media networks exist to connect others with people and brands, they aren’t created equally. Facebook has the most wide-reaching audience, but its popularity could mean you’re left in the dust. Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are incredibly popular as well, so you’ll need to find platforms that offer the highest return on your investment. You could even consider international brands, like WeChat or WhatsApp, or generation-specific apps, like TikTok.

Marketers that want to explore the social media sphere need to keep up conversion rates to stay relevant. To do this, create content that’s unique enough to deserve engagement and share. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own methods for campaigns.

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