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7 Skills That Will Make LinkedIn Recruiters Crazy for You

by Fahad Saleem

LinkedIn is one of the best job posting platforms. The website is used by over 450 million members. LinkedIn recently surveyed thousands of recruiters to find out the most in-demand skills right now.  If you master on of these skills, you can boost your job and career prospects.


Sales is one of the most in-demand jobs in LinkedIn. There are over one million Sales positions currently open on LinkedIn, including those of Director of sales, sales assistant, and sales executive. Major companies are looking to hire sales representatives right now. With a little bit of experience and a good degree and portfolio, you can easily land your dream job in sales.


According to LinkedIn’s own finding, there are over 600,000 positions open for Operations on LinkedIn. Positions include Director of client operations, operations manager, and operations associate. Famous companies are hiring right now for operations, including Chanel, Time and The Atlantic Group.


Engineering jobs are rampant on LinkedIn right now. Companies, including Nestle North America, Philips and Whitepages, are offering attractive packages for fresh engineers. There are over 300,000 positions open for Engineering right now on LinkedIn.


It is perhaps the most lucrative jobs segment. Currently, there are over 70,000 open positions in the IT industry. Open positions include Director of information technology, information technology systems administrator, and IT manager

Business Development

Business Development is one of the most in-demand jobs industry, as companies around the world become hungrier for business and marketing daily. According to LinkedIn data, there are over 100,000 jobs available on its platform. Big companies like Broadstreet, Axiom, and American Express Global Business Travel are hiring business developers.


If I were to talk about one field that isn’t going anywhere ever, it would be marketing. There are over 390,000 jobs available in the marketing field on LinkedIn. Positions available include those of Digital marketing associate, marketing intern, and marketing manager.

Project Management

Project management is an evergreen field that has lots of opportunities for bright people. There are over 4000 open positions for project managers right now. Some of the noteworthy positions include Senior project manager, digital program project manager, and technical program manager. Notable companies like The Estee Lauder Companies Inc., Johnson and Johnson, and Adobe are hiring fresh project managers.

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