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8 Pieces of Wisdom in the Technology Career


If you’re considering entering a technology career, you’ll want to be prepared. The world of technology is constantly expanding on itself and providing new niches for those in tech to learn about. You can take on assistive technology, coding, creating video games, animation, and more.

Here are eight pieces of wisdom you’ll want to know before you get into the technology career to help you prepare yourself and feel confident in your decision.

1. Take Classes Early On

Having experience under your belt is essential when applying for jobs in the tech industry. Even if you’ve taken coding in high school, put it on your resume. If you’re self-taught, taking an online course is better than nothing. Show the job recruiters that you are genuinely passionate about this career field. It helps a lot.

2. Consider Higher Education

If you haven’t already been trained by a university or college, you may want to consider it. Many studies have shown that the employment rate is higher in those with an educational degree or trade certification than those without. You’ll want to make sure that you find a program that really encapsulates the niche you’re looking to go into.

Many community colleges and online universities offer technology programs that graduate in two years instead of four. These shorter degree paths are great for those who don’t have a lot of time but want a high-paying career in the near future. Some courses you may take include:

  • Information technology
  • Digital media and design
  • SEO marketing
  • Coding
  • Animation and movie design
  • Web design and development

No matter which niches you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a program that can show potential jobs that you’re serious about your passion.

3. Your Outlook is Everything

Positivity and a good interview are effective strategies for getting a job. Since humans are social creatures, we love when someone else can dazzle us with charisma. People are more likely to want to hire someone they feel close with emotionally.

Having a positive outlook is also excellent for you. Visualizing your dreams can help you make them a reality by giving you confidence, thus improving your interviewing and job application skills.

4. A Resume and Cover Letter Make a Difference

A study done by the European Economic Review shows that specific skills in your resume make you more likely to get an interview. In the group of women tested, those who had experience in the tech industry or IT skills were more likely to receive an interview than those who didn’t.

Many applicants simply do not put time and energy into their resumes and cover letter. If you aren’t big on writing, freelance writers can often help you write your resume and cover letter for a low cost. Having a language that matches the writing style on the job site is also a great way to get seen in a pool of applicants.

5. Interviewing Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Interview anxiety is common, but it doesn’t have to be paralyzing. Here are some ways to prepare yourself for interviews:

  • Find common interview questions online and write down your answers to them. Practice stating your answers aloud as if you were in an actual interview.
  • Have a friend or family member give you a mock interview to see how you do and give you pointers.
  • Establish which interview questions make you most nervous and ask other people what their responses to the question would be.

An interview question that often trips up many people is “tell me about yourself.” In this case, you’ll want to outline your professional and educational experience in a short summary, as well as your age, current occupation, and one or two goals.

6. Establish a Niche

In the tech industry, a niche is a must. You can tell a job recruiter that you know how to do many different things, but it won’t help if they’re looking for someone who is an expert in coding.

Find what makes you shine in your technology experience and play it up. If you have developed an app before, let the recruiter know that you’re an app designer and that you are fluent in python. These skills are more likely to help than a general “I’m great with technology.”

7. Provide a Portfolio

If you have past examples of your work, always add them to your application. You can create a portfolio website on free web tools or WordPress if you have a subscription. It should be a simple one- or two-page site with photos of some of your jobs or links to where the recruiters can quickly view them.

You can also create a portfolio on Google Drive and share the folder with whoever you apply with. Adding reviews, letters of recommendation, and general success stories to your portfolio will also substantially help.

8. Never Give Up

It may seem cliché, but do not give up hope. You can and will find the job of your dreams. If you get rejected by five, ten, or twenty jobs, your dream job may still be around the corner. Not every position is meant to be.

Keep trying and keep our eight best pearls of wisdom on the tech industry in mind when you land that interview.

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