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9 Amazing 30-Day Challenges to Turn Your Life Around Forever

by Fahad Saleem

30 day challenges are famous for a reason. Famous psychologist and medical practitioner Maxwell Maltz found out after years of noticing changes in his patients’ behaviors that it takes on average 21 days to form a new habit or acclimatize to change. Here are some of the best, no-BS 30 day challenges to turn your life around. [Feature Image taken from: TheAtlantic]

Go to the Gym for 15 Minutes for 30 Days

Trust me, if you could push yourself to the gym just for 30 days, it’ll become a habit. Think of all the money you’d spent and wasted on gym memberships and personal trainers. Think of all the emotional pain and sadness that comes as a result of not being able to stay regular at the gym. You can set aside just 30 days from your life, and go to your nearest gym just for 15 minutes. You could run or walk on a treadmill, checkout machines, do elliptical or stepper, it doesn’t matter.

Cooking Daily for 30 Days

Seriously, you should try cooking. It isn’t that difficult. You’d end up saving loads of money. On top of that, you’ll get a chance to eat healthy.

Use Airbnb for 30 Days

If you travel a lot or rent places, try to live on Airbnb.  This practice would give you a chance of saving a lot of money and making new friends. Imagine your social circle after living with strangers for 30 days.

Read One Page Daily

Read just one page daily. Not more than that. 30 days of reading one page daily will infuse the life-changing habit in you.

Do HIIT in your Room for 30 Days

Blast your core, lift weights and do HIIT for 30 days. You won’t need any workout motivation after this challenge. Why? Because you’d lose a lot of weight and see your body toned. Nothing motivates more than seeing actual results. You can download this 30-day challenge Android app for this purpose.

Write about Your Past, Present and Future

Several studies have shown that writing about your past, present and future significantly increases your productivity and achievement. If you had some negative experiences in your past, writing about them will help you find the real causes of them. Write just 2 pages about your past and future goals for 30 days. It’s impossible to write the benefits of writing daily here. I’d recommend watching the video of Jordan Peterson explaining the benefits of writing.

Give up TV and Facebook for 30 Days

Give up TV and Facebook for a month. You can use Stayfocusd Chrome extension to avoid Facebook cravings. You’ll end up saving hundreds of hours of your valuable time. You could invest this time somewhere useful.

Play a Sport Daily for 30 Days

Play a sport daily for 30 days. Your brain and body will thank you. You’d find passion and happiness in this activity. It could be any sport.

Drink 8 Glasses of Water Daily

Drink 8 glasses of water daily for 30 days. You’ll be surprised to know the importance of increasing your water intake. You’ll sleep better. Your body will digest food quickly and your skin will glow.


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