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9 Super Useful Chrome Extensions I Wish I Knew of in My College

by Fahad Saleem

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. Even after the explosive growth in the internet apps and software, the browser domain seems to have hit the plateau and we don’t have many options apart from Chrome and Firefox; and it’s safe to say that most of us prefer Google Chrome. Chrome extensions could make a massive difference in your productivity as we spend most of our time in the browser. Following are the Chrome extension every college student should have in order to boost productivity in different realms. You will be amazed to see how diverse and multifarious are the areas for which Chrome extensions have been designed.

Cite This For Me

Every college student has to go through the excruciating process of writing papers almost every week. Adding citations to the paper is the most difficult task as you have to search references and add them in their proper referencing styles like MLA, APA, Chicago etc. This extension adds citations automatically in every style you want. I would I had come across this Chrome extension for citation in my early days in college.

Google Dictionary

This is without any doubt the best Chrome extension to increase your vocabulary. Here is how it works: you are reading an article and stumble upon a word which you don’t know, just double click that word and this extension will show its meaning at the spot. I can’t stress enough the importance of this Chrome extension.


This is the best spell-check and grammar extension. It will keep a check on all your writing on the web, like Facebook comments, writing pads, online text boxes and more. Not only this, it will also suggest you the corrections.


This extension helps you in writing summaries. It scans the paper and suggest deletion and trims based on the meaning. Even though it is not programmed for deep papers and meanings, still it can help in writing quick summaries of big papers.


This is the best Chrome extension to stay focused. It blocks all the websites you tell it and only allows you to spend a limited time on them. So, for example, you can allow only 10 minutes for Facebook. After ten minutes, this unforgiving extension will block Facebook and will now allow you to open it.


Amazing extension which lets you hear the text. You can select and highlight the text, no matter how long it is, and this extension will read that text aloud. You can meanwhile do other tasks, or take notes. This way you can save time and increase focus.

Block & Focus

This extension solves the biggest problem for students: focus. Block and Focus helps you get rid of distractions like Facebook and other social media apps and helps you focus on work for a specified time before taking a short break.


All the chemistry and physics students must view the molecules and atoms in 3D to get a clear idea what all the hullabaloo is about. But no need to buy a molecule model from the market. Just use this extension and learn the molecule by playing around with it in your browser.

If you have a sleep problem, and you study till late at night, this Chrome extension is for you. It tries and helps you to sync your routine with the natural REM sleep cycles.

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