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The April 11th Windows 10 Creators Update too far? Here’s how to jump the line

by Felix Omondi
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All indications point to April 11th, 2017 being the date of the release of Windows 10 Creators Update. For avid Windows fans, it may seem like too far; not forgetting Microsoft will be releasing it in waves. That is to say; it may take longer than the April 11th for the Creators Update to roll onto the side of the world you are.

However, if patience is not one of your virtue (and I am tempted to think that is a lot of us, given we are the microwave, fast internet generation), you can skip the wait and download the Windows 10 Creators Update right now.

That’s right! There a workaround the long wait for the Creators Update and you can have it running on your machine as soon as your internet connection can allow you to download it. The version available now is more or less similar to the final version to be released on April 11th. Then again, what amount of alterations could Microsoft possibly do between now and then?

Download and install Windows 10 Creators Update

The easiest way to getting the Creators Update is by signing up for the Windows Insider Program. A program which allows participants to test drive Windows beta software before being availed on the stable channel

Users inside the Insider Program are essentially testing prototype software apps, which means coming across bugs is expected. That is to say; it is probably not a good idea to take this route with a machine you heavily rely on, as they could be some crash, bugs, or even hardware failure.

If you are okay with trying out beta software, then follow the steps ahead. Go to Windows Insider site, click ‘Get started.’ Log in with your Microsoft account and follow the instructions given.

After signing up, go to Start menu > Settings > Update & Security. At the bottom of the Windows, you will see ‘Windows Insider Program,’ click on ‘Get Started.’ A warning message will pop up cautioning you that you are about to install an early edition of Windows 10. You can either ‘Cancel’ or proceed ahead by clicking on ‘Next’, and then ‘Confirm.’

Your computer will ask for a reboot. After rebooting go to ‘Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program, here you will be asked to choose the level of insider program you want to be in. Select ‘Fast’ to enable you to get the very latest build of Windows 10; in this case, it will be the Creators Update.

If you keep your computer connected to the internet, you will get an alert within 24 hours letting you know of a new update you need to download and install. Just like that, you will have installed Creators Update on your PC.

Install Creators Update as a fresh install

You can also install the Creators Update as a fresh install (booted from a DVD or USB stick), go to the Windows Insider Preview Downloads and scroll down to where it reads ‘Select edition.’ Choose the most recent version and then click ‘Confirm.’ From here you will be able to download the ISO file. After downloading the ISO file, burn it to a blank DVD or make a bootable USB drive.

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