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Meet Candy Tricia Khohliwe at the #AWITNigeria19 conference

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Candy Tricia Khohliwe is a Communications Support at Peek Vision. She holds a BSc in Computer Science from Teesside University. She volunteers at Mozilla as a tech speaker, presenting Mozilla open source technologies and free web internet access.

What does technology represent to you and why did you choose your current field?

Technology to me represents a world that can have a lot of possibilities and solutions to the social issues we face in our communities. I chose this field so as so that I can share my knowledge and skills in bringing up solutions that can positively impact my community. I love how technology is versatile has the power to impact our communities in diverse sectors such as health, agriculture etc, it’s like magic.

What is the link between communication and technology?

Technology has enhanced communication in such a way that different kinds of mediums/devices and applications have made it easier for people to communicate in a much faster, easier and cheaper way.

How long have you been exposed to the African tech field, and how has this influenced your knowledge of technological advancement in Africa?

I have 2 years being a Mozilla tech speaker evangelizing and teaching people on Open source and trending technologies by Mozilla, I have done this in Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia. I have influenced a number of university students to develop applications.

As an African woman in tech, what is the most significant challenge you have faced professionally?

As an African woman in tech, sometimes it can quite hard to get a job in the tech industry, just because some people think women are not up to the task or competent enough to be leaders or professionals in the tech industry.

It is believed that we are being launched into the third industrial revolution, and this digitization will consequently change the politics of jobs. How do you think women in Africa can take advantage of this to advance and stay relevant?

I think women should push hard, push boundaries and come up with more innovative ideas, lead by example to mentor the younger generation especially the girl child to be fearless, overcome challenges and be whatever they want to be in life this can surely make women to make their mark in the tech industry.

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