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Benefits of making 90 Second Videos


Since the middle of the 20th century, people’s gazes have been riveted to television screens. As a result, a stable habit has been formed to perceive new information through an audiovisual image. With the emergence and development of the World Wide Web, humanity has demonstrated its loyalty to the “television” method of assimilating information. It is not for nothing that 90 second explainer videos take the third place in the frequency of user requests.

Why 90 Seconds?

Statistical studies show that using video content on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. So they should be used wherever possible.

For example, if your company offers online services or software, you can even use an instructional video on your landing pages. It demonstrates the functionality of the product. It’s better than promotional 90-second videos.

Simplifity of the video

Short videos provide interaction even with the most passive part of visitors. Watching a video is easier for many of them than reading text information on the landing page. Especially if there is a lot of it.

Video length vs audience engagement

A video clip on a landing page is a factor in increasing the duration of a potential user’s stay on it. It gives time to better “take a closer look” at your offer.

If in a video a product or service is demonstrated by one or more employees of the company, then the credibility of the company increases significantly.

Human factor. Users are “lazy”, most prefer to watch videos instead of reading text. In a short video, you can demonstrate all the best aspects of an offer. It can be a product or a service, and do it much more efficiently than describing them in words.

Saving space. A 90 second explainer videos reviews video clip takes up much less space on a web page than the same information presented in the text – which is an important factor for the specifics of landing pages.

The video material significantly increases the conversion of the landing page. Show time also matters. For example, it is common knowledge that Pre-roll is one of the most risky formats in the case of short user inventory; advertising before showing the video is more likely to be skipped (or the user will simply turn off the sound). On professional content, the audience is ready to “pay” with their time and attention for access to information of interest. Moreover, as noted by market players, the audience is ready to turn off Adblock, they just need to tell them that they buy content by watching ads, pay for the work of editors who create texts, and then it works.

It’s all about the story

The maximum duration of an explain video depends primarily on the technical capabilities of advertising sites. Secondly, there are a large number of different studies that indicate that from a certain second, a person stops responding to video content, skips it, or presses the video close button. These two factors fully affect the maximum length of the video, which is worth making. Considering the above, it is worth focusing on shorter timing in order to be more likely to get into the line of sight of potential customers. “

Of course, there is a limit for the timing, above which a typical user, even one belonging to the target audience, is likely to turn off the sound or press Skip Ad – provided that there is such an opportunity.

Moreover, this “limit” can be reduced. Research shows that short advertising has significant advantages on mobile platforms. And mobile devices are already one of the main ways of consuming any information. Especially among millennials, who, according to the aforementioned study, respond best to ultra-short video ad formats.

Bite-sized video is the way forward

Accordingly, depending on the context, it is quite possible to use larger-scale formats, especially when the advertised brand, product or service requires it. The user will endure those very complex messages if he has time for this; well, image advertising can be much longer.

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