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5 Proven Ways To Promote Your Photography Business


Starting a photography business is the easy part. But locating potential clients and proving to them you are the best at what you do is always a challenge. Fortunately, there are many strategies you can deploy to stand out in a crowded market. Whether you own a studio or you only work on weekends, here some fantastic photography marketing tips for your business.

Identify Your Niche

No matter how much you want to land gigs, you can’t afford to target all types of customers. Run Gun Shoot notes that you’ve got to narrow it down to a specific group before launching your campaign.

You can focus on anything from weddings, baby showers, portraits, food to corporate photography or real estate – just make sure it’s something you’re passionate about. After deciding on a niche, it’s time to optimize your content and personalize your marketing campaign.

Share and Build Stories Around Photos on Social Platforms

Pictures speak louder than words, especially if you are a photographer. You don’t want to bombard your target audience with so many words about what you can do. Instead, showcase what you can do by creating stories around photos. Go through your collections and look for moments that your potential clients are likely to resonate with.

Share them on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Behance. People are more likely to contact you if you take the time to build a connection with them. And you can quickly establish relationships through frequent and engaging social media posts. The next time your followers want pictures taken, you’ll be their go-to photographer.

Show Up in Local Google Listings

When you want a plumber, what do you do? You do a quick search on Google and hire one who’s close to your location. The same applies to anyone who wants a photographer. So, if you aren’t appearing on local Google business listings when you search the word photographer, it’s time to use Google My Business (GMB).

The listings display related businesses based on location, and appearing there will dramatically increase the chances of landing customers in your area. To optimize your listing, choose the correct business category (photography), and keep your address, phone number, and business name consistent across your site and all online listings. Make sure you also politely request reviews from clients you’ve worked with before.

Network With Other Professionals

As much as you try to market your business online, don’t ignore the importance of one-on-one networking. This mainly applies to photographers who specialize in events such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Most of these occasions have other vendors such as organizers, florists, decor experts, cake artists, caterers, and music bands.

All of these people are professionals you share clients with, but are not competing with. Networking with them will help you get updates whenever a new event pops up. They could even put in a good word for you, helping you land the job. To maintain this mutually beneficial relationship, don’t forget to reciprocate the favor.

Begin a Referral System

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When you want to get your name out there, your current customers can offer some invaluable help – as long as you are willing to offer something in return. After doing an outstanding job and pleasing a customer, tell them they’ll receive a discount if they agree to pass on your business cards to their friends.

You can further sweeten the deal by telling them you’ll offer them a certain percentage of the contract if one of their friends hire you. This approach will ultimately pay off if you use it on every customer you work with.

Make Sure You Adopt Multiple Marketing Strategies

While there are many ways to market your photography business, the methods above are economical and effective. Just remember to use a multi-pronged approach instead of focusing on one single strategy. With enough commitment and consistency, your phone will soon start ringing and you will be booking jobs well into the future!.

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