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Best Drones and Quadcopters under $100

by Fahad Saleem

Nothing is cooler than having your own drone of quadcopter with which you can take photos of your neighborhood, play and have fun. Drones these days are coming with 4K cameras, high resolution equipment and gadgets, but mostly, they are costly. If you are looking to buy a drone in budget, here are some of the best options for you.

Best Budget Drones under $100

Vidius VR drone

Vidius VR drone sync with VR goggles and can stream the footage to your camera or phone. This budget drone can be paired with a smartphone or a tablet at around 30 meters of distance. It has a reliable, tenacious body and you can fly this drone in rain and winds. As you can see in the photo below, this drone is quite small. Vidius VR has a special module called the barometer which keeps it steady. It’s the world’s smallest drone and best for HD videos. Its price is just $85.

drone 1

Metakoo Bee

This is also a compact drone which is best for indoors and outdoors. This drone’s battery life is just 5 minutes, and after that time, you will need to charge it for around 30 minutes for another flight. You can also set different propellers from nano quads such in this drone.

drone 2

Parrot Mambo

These cannon-equipped drones are great for having fun with your friends. You can load small balls in this drone’s cannons and fire at will at your friends or siblings. This copter can do flips and different maneuvers. Parrot Mambo costs around $97 on Amazon.

drone 3


UDI U818A is a great drone when it comes to stability. It has six axis gyro with posture control. It has a small 640 x 480 resolution camera which you can use to take pictures during the flight.  It has a minimal design and a 500mAh battery.

drone 4

NightHawk DM007(tm) Quadcopter

This budget drone can flip to left, right and front. It can hover around with precision and has a 6-Axis adjustable gyroscope technology. It also contains a 4Gb MiniSD memory card and a removable On-Board 2MP 720p HD video camera. This quadcopter doesn’t need an approval for FAA.

drone 5

Hubsan X4 H107C

This budget drone under $100 flies with precision. You can take photos and videos during the flight, but the camera quality is not so good. It can flip on four sides. It costs just around $37.

drone 6

JJRC H16 Tarantula X6 drone 4CH RC Quadcopter

This drone shows throttle, lights, battery and signals on and LCD screen. It has a strong transmitter and 6 Axis gyro for stability. It can do a 360 degree roll over. It costs around $54.

drone 7


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