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Best Excel Tutorials for Beginners to Learn Microsoft Excel Skills Within Days

by Fahad Saleem

Microsoft’s Excel program has been the productivity juggernaut for years and it still is. Preparing comprehensive invoices, maintaining customer data, storing employee information, mining data from thousands and thousands of columns, maintaining repositories— you name a task needed in the Enterprise and Excel’s power will do the job with a charm. Learning excel can really land you a decent job because of the increasing demand of this skill. There are some great best free excel tutorials you could use to learn excel. I am not talking just the basics even a 10-year-old would know, I am talking about learning deep stuff that could stand you out among others. Here are the best excel tutorials out there.

Microsoft’s Excel Tutorials

The best source is always official. That’s why you should first try the Microsoft’s official excel tutorials. These excel tutorials are comprehensive, detailed and give you a deep insight of how excel works. There are videos, documents, tutorials and what not. This tutorial could literally save you hundreds of dollars because such a quality of teaching never comes free.

Excel Tutorials by FGU

Excel tutorials by Florida university are completely free and easy to learn. There are different sections which walk your through from scratch to complex and advanced levels. You can learn each and everything important in excel like working in workbooks, creating and playing with formulas, mining data and more. You can register with the university course (paid) if you want more help to learn excel. Otherwise, the basic version of tutorials is free. Excel Tutorials

These tutorials are free and help you get a grasp on excel skills with depth and control. There are videos, handouts, ebooks and much more.

Vertex42 Excel tutorial

Vertex42 Excel tutorials are one of the best free tutorials to learn excel. They are highly advanced and comprehensive. This series of tutorials explain each and every detail, concept and behind the scenes working. You will get a strong skill of using excel in office, school and home after this tutorial.


This website is your one-stop shop for learning excel. It has ebooks, youtube videos, documents, short courses and everything you need to learn excel. There are free and paid resources on this website. You could actually order books and video DVD from the website’s store or just search the sources and buy from some other sources.


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