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Best New Android and iOS Apps From April

by Fahad Saleem

Like every month, April saw a massive app spree. Android and iOS app stores were updated with some great new apps. We review the best Android and iOS apps every month for our readers, and it’s time to know about some of the amazing apps for the month of April 2015.

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Flyp (Android, iOS)

Separating work and personal life is becoming a daunting and crucial task, especially in the smartphone era. Here’s a new app called Flyp which lets you get multiple phone numbers in your iPhone or Android. You can take one number for friends and personal life, other for work and professional contacts. A great and useful idea summed up in a practical, easy to use app.

best app for april 1

Office Remote (Android)

Office Remote is a true productivity app for Android. It lets you control office documents, presentations on screen of PC with your Android screen. The app works on Bluetooth so you will need to pair your phone with PC before you could control the office.

best app for april 2

Peership (Android)

Peership is a great new app that serves a major purpose. Suppose you have a package or something really important and urgent to deliver. The normal cargo or postal service could take a take or two, but you can’t delay the delivery. Here’s where Peership comes: an app where you post the destination and source for the package delivery, the price you are willing to give for the service. Some other peer could contact you via app and delivery the package if he/she travels on the same route or just want to do the job. Money is transferred via the app after the job is completed.

best app for april 3

Kong (Android, iOS)

Kong is the perfect new app and we all needed it. Kong lets you make a custom made GIFs of your own. So you can quickly record short video of yours with some funny emotions, kiss or anything you want to shoot and Kong will make a GIF out of it. You can post that GIF to social media platforms and messages.

best app for april 4

Pass Lite (Android)

Pass Lite is a great new Android app for making new friends. If you are bored or don’t have any like-minded person to talk to, just take out your phone, login to Pass Lite and search for interesting people around you.


Trepn Profiler (Android)

Trepn Profiler is a great app that helps you locate memory hog apps and processes. It gives you a complete visualization on app those instances, processes and memory leechers which may be the culprits behind you slow device. This app diagnosis the problems, and you can remove and clean the device by simply uninstalling the apps or cleaning the cache or processes with other apps.

best app for april 5

These are some of the best new Android and iOS apps for April 2015. Let us know in the comments if you think I missed something worth mentioning.

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