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Pause/Play YouTube Videos Automatically On Tab Switch

by Fahad Saleem

You are watching a YouTube video and suddenly a new email, an important Facebook message or notification comes up and you have to quickly turn off the audio/video from YouTube and do the important task; what will you do? I am sure you are too lazy like me and won’t like the click pause option, neither does the space bar option works as we have to click on the page to active it. If you are a Firefox user, there is a new extension in the town which automatically pauses the YouTube video when you switch the tab, and plays it when you return to the tab. Smart Pause if a free extension that works perfectly with your Firefox browser and lets you pause the video and audios in YouTube.

smart pause 1

This extension is perfect for the people who have extensive work time and find a few minutes of leisure. This extension makes you ready for any important tasks and simply mutes the video/audio of YouTube when you switch between tabs.

You don’t need to press the hard mute or clicks now to mute the videos to silence everything or the work

 There is one drawback: if you pause a YouTube video manually, switch the tab and come back again, the video will start playing again automatically. The extension doesn’t work on embedded YouTube video on other websites like Facebook, websites, Twitter. Overall, Smart Pause for Firefox serves the purposes and solves a big problem.

Install Smart Pause Extension for Firefox

image source: AddictiveTips

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