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Best Spelling Apps: Learning English Spellings Made Easy for Kids (Android, iPhone)

by Fahad Saleem

Kids these days learn to speak English pretty easily due to the fact that the English language is ubiquitous these days, from movies to markets, from games to books, everything is in English. But spelling a work is tricky. It needs attention and skill. But technology has made learning spelling very easy. Using mobile apps, kids can learn English spellings and master the art. Here are some of the best spelling apps for Android and iPhone.

Squeebles Spelling (Android, iPhone)

Squeebles app uses phonics, photos, and sound to make it easy for kids to learn spellings. There are thousands of words programmed in this app along with animations and fun designs to learn spelling. The app is available for Android and iPhone.

Phonics Genius (iPhone, iPad)

Phonics Genius is an iOS app for spelling using which kids can learn how to position vowels, words and letter according  to the rules of phonics, the base of sound of the language.

Kids ABC Phonics (Android, iOS)

This app is for little kids, who are in the process of learning ABC. This app makes learning English words and letter so much fun that parents say they can’t get their phone back from their kid after installing this app.

Kids Spelling Games (Android)

Kids Spelling Games gamify the learning process. There are different levels and modes in this app. Your kids learn spelling different words, simple and complex, through diverse tricks, audio and visual tools.

Spelling Bee (Android, iOS)

Spelling Bee is an advanced spelling app, which uses flash cards, sounds and clear text to make your kid learn spelling in an interesting way. The difficulty gets going up with every correct answer. You can also change themes and colors of the outlook of the app.

Spelling Master (Android)

This app helps not only in improving spellings, but also in getting better at pronunciation and vocabulary. It has more than 400 difficult words in it which you can learn using different tricks and aides.

Words Vs Zombies (Android)

Even though this app has a very limited number of levels and words collection, it was a huge success, and almost all reviews depict satisfaction and learning improvement. The idea is great and kids will learn spellings using this app pretty quickly.


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