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Best Tech Companies for Working Moms in 2015

by Fahad Saleem

The stress of working in the modern industry is huge, which becomes unbearable if you are a mom. Raising your kid and managing the workload is a daunting task which needs a lot of planning, patience and scheduling. Luckily, there are some companies which have devised their working dynamics to give ample flexibility to the working moms. The role of women in the tech and other industries cannot be ignored as they are the backbone of our society. This is the reason why the industry is rethinking the conventional working routines and making a space for working women. Here are some of the best tech companies for working moms in 2015.

Best Tech Companies for Working Moms 2015

Hewlett Packard

The first on our list is the PC giant HP. Out of 74,780 employees of HP, more than 33% are women. You can get $5,000 in woman assistance program here. There are multiple allowances for working moms, referral programs and child care facilities for working moms in HP. HP allows pretax funds and 25 days of annual vacations. You can get 11 days of extension in vacations based on your case.


IBM provides ample opportunities to work from home for working moms. The company conducts more than 150+ seminars and workshops for community services and social well-being. IBM has deployed remote working platforms in its office space dynamics to use resources across the globe.


Genentech has three major departments, all run by moms. The company has quiet rooms, baby- care rooms, fitness centers and other recreational spots in its working spaces. More than 50% of its workforce telecommutes. The company has its own tools and services to help employees work remotely with completely productivity.


Dell announced its Conexus employee resource group project in 2014, which has 14,000 of its employees registered with it. This program helps those women who want to work from home. Dell also has a special bootcamp for Breast Cancer Survivors. A number of healthcare facilities, playing spaces and fitness centers are there in Dell offices around the world to make its employees happy while working.


Cisco has special ‘job share’ and part-time working options for working moms. In 2009, the company launched its ‘alternative working means’ program. 90% of the Cisco employees used working from home option for 2 days a week. This percentage has now touched 95%. This is one of the best tech companies to work for working moms in 2015.


This technology and outsourcing company offer $5,000 in aid plus 4 weeks off with pay for moms who just went through baby birth process or adoption. The company also launched Maternity Support Program which professionally trains women executives, employees and other women staff on how to work when you have children. A large number of working moms have participated in this useful program.

These are some of the best tech companies for working moms in 2015. There are abundant opportunities for working moms as the industry is getting huge awareness because of the industrial and social evolution.

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