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Best Unity Tutorial: eBooks, Videos and Guides to Learn Unity for Beginners

by Fahad Saleem

Game programming in Unity 3D is a great skill, which can land you a high paying job and interesting career endeavors. Unity is an open platform which lets you build games using objects for different mobile and console platforms. If you are looking to learn Unity, there are some great Unity 3d tutorials which can help you. These Unity tutorials include videos, ebooks, courses. Let’s have a look.

Unity Tutorial: Learn Unity Game Programming The Easy Way

Unity 3X Game Development (eBook)

Unity 3X Game development Essentials by Will Goldstone is a great book to learn Unity 3D game programming for the beginners. It all starts from the basic code snippets, idea and architecture and then moves on with the difficult levels.

Unity’s Guide and Tutorials

The official sources from Unity company to learn Unity are also great and helpful to learn this game programming framework. Unity’s basic text based guide about the Unity 3D is massively helpful for the beginners. Also, there is a PDF regarding the basic principles of the Unity game programming.

C# Game Examples download

The there is a strong connection between Java and Android, there is a connection between C# and Unity. You want to make games in Unity 3D, you must be able to make games in C#. You could download small C# games and play around with their code to see how game development works. This would help you extensively to learn Unity.

Unity’s official tutorial

Best free tutorials for learn Unity 3D for beginners again come from the official Unity source. There is a complete world, where you can read, perform examples practically, learn the back end science of objects and what not.

Beginning 3D Game Development With Unity Ebook

Sue Blackman’s book regarding learning Unity is extensive, in-depth, helps beginners a lot and basically a one-stop place for you if you want to learn Unity 3D and game programming. The source takes Javascript games as its source of teaching and then proceeds slowly with Unity platform, giving you the big picture and strong grasp over the topic.

Unity Tutorials by VTC

Virtual Training Company has a complete set of courses and tutorials to teach Unity 3D game programming. From making a variable to the construction of full-fledged games, you could learn everything here. This tutorial course is paid.

Unity 3D Course by Udemy  

What tutorial list could be completed without mentioning Udemy. Udemy has a great course for Unity 3D. The course is conducted by experts and you will get the learn Unity in a way that can promise success within no time.

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