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Best YouTube Channels for Psychology Students


If you are interested in learning more about psychology, there are a lot of resources on the internet, from blogs to online courses. YouTube educational videos provide the easiest and free way to learn about psychology. Here, in this article, we mention the following great YouTube channels for Psychology students:

Best YouTube Channels for Psychology Students

The Psych Show

The Psych Show is a YouTube channel started by Dr. Ali Mattu who is a clinical psychologist at Columbia University. The aim to start this channel was to make psychology, the brain, and behavioral sciences fun and easy to understand. The videos on this channel cover a lot of ground, including fear, diversity, attraction, and anxiety. He aims to bring a sense of geeky delight to the field of psychology.

SciShow Psych

This YouTube channel covers all about the human brain and how we humans interact with the world. SciShow Psych digs into the science from physics to dinosaurs. There are some great videos about psychological science.  The hosts of this channel, Hank Green and Brit Garner explain ground-breaking studies and contextualize psychology throughout history.

Practical Psychology

This YouTube channel is dedicated to give high-quality and informative videos to those who wish to learn. Practical Psychology channel uploads animated book reviews, inspirational and motivational videos, along with the tutorials on many topics, like financial tips, romance, happiness, psychological tips, personal development, and productivity advice.

Crash Course Psychology

The ‘Crash Course’ series can be a best option if you wish you could take a full course on psychology but can’t find time to apply to college, decorate your dorm, and attend class. Crash Course Psychology has crash courses in a variety of topics, but people are more interested in 40-video series on psychology. The topics of videos include all corners of psych, from cognitive to developmental to social psychology.



This YouTube channel provides the weekly dose of fun and interesting psychology, creepy psychology, psychopaths, serial killers, pop psychology, and political psychology. Psych2Go makes you learn whatever you learn in school, but just in a way that you can apply and relate.


This YouTube channel is focused mainly on brains. BrainCraft talks about the psychology, neuroscience and why we act the way we do. Some of the videos in this channel focus on topics in psychology and brain science.


Bite Size Psych

In this YouTube channel, to-the-point videos are posted that aim to revolutionize how we use psychology to better our lives. Bite Size Psych focuses on applying psychological concepts to real world problems that we face.

Vital Mind Psychology

In this channel of YouTube, nutritional and lifestyle assessments and interventions are integrated with psychological treatment because of the fact that mind and body work together. On Vital Mind Psychology, there are educational videos on a range of topics that relate to mental health, clinical psychology and boosting brain functioning through lifestyle and nutritional strategies.      

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