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Why You Should Buy an LG G3?

by Fahad Saleem

Why You Should Buy an LG G3?

LG G3, manufactured by South Korean manufacturer as a flagship device, is one of the best smartphones around in the market. With its release approaching in US, the customers must consider following reasons for buying this sensational device.

High Quality Display (5.5-Inch)

The LG G3 features staggering 5.5-inch display with 2560×1440 pixels resolution. It carries 538 pixels-per-inch. You will have difficulty in finding better quality as compared to high resolution display of LG G3. You will certainly enjoy watching movies and playing games on your LG G3. Despite containing 5.5-inches screen, it is only slightly bigger than Samsung Galaxy S5 (5.1-inch) and HTC One M8 (5-inch).

LG g 3 1

Rear Button Design

It possesses completely intuitive and sensible design inherited from LG G2. It will take a while to get used to the things, but you will surely appreciate its quality in the long run.

LG g 3 2

Long Battery Life

Batter y of LG G3 is fantastic for the purposes it is employed. It will pass your complete day with battery still charged as you power the lovely bright screen. Obviously, the battery will be drained when you watch high quality movies on it. However, it is much better when compared to other flagship devices in terms of battery efficiency.

LG g 3 3

Intuitive Camera

Although it contains similar resolution camera as its predecessor of 13MP, yet its laser focus ensures much faster snaps. It is capable of taking multiple shots at a great speed. The camera doesn’t offer plethora of features and it may not satisfy enthusiasts of pictures. Its speed makes up for some lack in its other features.

Plastic Fantastic

Some people may complain about the cheap feeling of the back plate of LG G3 as compared to that of Sony Xperia Z2, but it provides a lot of advantages. The polycarbonate plastic backside contains a brushed metal design. It provides an easy access to MicroSD card, and removable battery. The plastic case is, however, more vulnerable to damage when dropped. G3 makes up for its sensitivity in its looks and accessibility.

LG g 3 4

Deals and Availability

AT&T is the first company to begin shipping LG G3 in addition to LG G Watch. Both of these devices will be available from July 11. LG G3 with 4G LTE will be available for 199 USD containing 2 years contract at 24.17 USD per month. The LG G Watch will cost only 171.75 USD.

Sprint is providing LG G3 for free at 25 USD for 2 years on their “Family Plan”. Verizon is offering 50% off sale from July 10 to July 27 with LG G3 priced at 99 USD.

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