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Can I Get a Job after AWS Solutions Architect Certification? Success Stories That Prove You Can

by Fahad Saleem

The demand for AWS experts is rising globally, thanks to the Amazon’s dominance in the Cloud industry. The industry is facing a skills shortage, because AWS is a relatively new technology. AWS Solutions Architect is a shining career, with salaries reaching up to $150,000 per year on average.

You can start a career in AWS by securing Solutions Architect certifications.

For your inspiration, here are some success stories of people who passed the certification, gained some practical experience and entered the tech industry.

Certification Beats the Low GPA Problem

This person was in the university studying software engineering. He was struggling with securing internships and jobs prospects because of a lower GPA. He passed the Amazon Solutions Architect Associate certification and instantly saw a jump in interest from recruiters. In fact, the person found out that he was the only person in his class with this certification. Despite his low GPA, he started getting numerous interviews.

At the time of his post, the person was ready to work in a company as a DevOps analyst intern.

Read the full story here.

Certification to Play Your Cards

Several individuals on a thread shared how they were able to secure jobs after passing the AWS Solutions Architect certification. That does not mean that the certification is a ticket to jobs. But after passing the certification, you can leverage your existing skills, and gain the attention of the recruiters.

For example, a person said that he was able to shift to a consulting role from a developer role after passing the Solutions Architect certification. Another person was able to start working from AWS because of this certification.

Read the stories of these people in the comments section of this thread.

From $14/hr to $70,000 per year

This person went from $14 an hour to $70,000 in just about a couple of years just by sheer perseverance, hard work and smart strategy.  He didn’t have any experience in tech. His background was military security work.

First off, he passed three certifications:

  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate


  • AWS SysOps Administrator Associate


  • AWS Certified Developer Associate


After that, in order to prove that he can apply what he learned, the person started projects and showcased them on Github. For example, he made a simple chatbot that responds to queries using AWS technologies. He also started a YouTube channel solving AWS problems. This was his portfolio to enter the industry.

Read his full story here


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