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Can I Start a Blog in 2020-2021 and Still Make Money? Success Stories That Prove Yes

by Fahad Saleem

Blogging remains a hot topic. A lot of people want to start their own blog but remain skeptical. Will it work? Will I be able to make money? What niche should I choose?

Years pass by but they just won’t start.

To give you some motivation to start your own blog in 2020 or 2021, here are three success stories from people who started blogs and are making money.

The Modest Man

Brock started his blog called The Modest Man. This is a style advice blog for men. The niche was solid. As of Brock’s post, The Modest Man blog was making $10,000 per month. The key is that this blog is not relying solely on the advertising money. As this is a style blog, there is a lot you can sell. The blog earns from sponsorships, affiliate marketing and product sales. For example, Brock can recommend branded socks and earn commission on each sale. He can make his own wrist watches and sell to his community. The key is creating an audience. The blog reached $10k mark in 3 years.

Read the Modest Man’s full success story here.

$500 per month from a blog

A Reddit user who recently started his blog is now making $500 per month. Again, the blog has a potential for affiliate sales. The niche is around a hobby, in which you can recommend a lot of products to your users. The main sources of income for this blog are affiliate marketing and display advertising.

You can read takeaways and success story of this blog from this Reddit user’s posts here.

$4000 per month

This guy, as of the time of his post, was earning $4000 from Google Adsense every month. The takeaway is that content is king, and you have to do everything legitimately to make money from your blog. Your niche should be solid, and must have a potential to earn money from affiliate marketing. You need to have something to sell – product or services.

Read full story here




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