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CloudLock Launches New Intelligent ‘Selective Encryption Service’ for Cloud Platforms

by Fahad Saleem

cloudlock new serviceThe cloud platform has for long been vulnerable to numerous security threats. This is largely attributed to the “Anything-as-a-Service (AsS)” architecture that ensures provision of resources, platform independency but cannot promise the complete access locks at many points of the system. To address this issue, there are more and more startups and Cloud professionals working around the clock to solve the Cloud insecurity issues. The most prominent pioneer Cloud security solution currently is the CloudLock. CloudLock recently announced that it has raised $16.5 million in Series C funding by Bessemer Venture Partners making the fund to a tune of $28.2 million. On Thursday CloudLock launched its “Selective Encryption” program which equips the Cloud owners and users to encrypt the in and out traffic to and from the Cloud promptly and using the on-demand architecture of the distributed computing.

CloudLock’s new selective encryption service, which will become live after the RSA conference 2014 that will take place next week in San Francisco, will protect the Cloud based information and data at two points: Google Apps and These two points will have always been the loose and lingering spots for the Cloud owners. A recent report shows that SaaS based Cloud platform will experience a traffic boost of no less than two-thirds of global data center traffic, by 2017 which will come with a greater potential security challenge for the Cloud users. Below is additional information on CloudLock:

CloudLock Selective Encryption service promises to tackle the security breaches and the lens will be focused on the more sensitive areas of cloud based architectural frameworks like medical records protected under the HIPAA privacy law and intellectual property.

CloudLocks’s new service will keep a keen eye on the data being uploaded to the Clouds and the data already meshed in the Cloud based platforms. It will be more of an intelligent encryption service which will automatically detect and encrypt sensitive information across the Cloud without affecting the app’s performance.

CloudLock CTO and co-founder Ron Zalkind said, “We’ve heard from hundreds of our customers that the gateway-based and reverse-proxy solutions out there require heavy deployments are highly prone to breaking cloud apps and are often unavailable from mobile apps. CloudLock is provisioned completely in the cloud, in minutes.

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