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Confirmed: Xbox One will work with Mouse and Keyboard come November 14th

by Felix Omondi
Xbox one

It has been rumored for a while now that Microsoft is working on enabling the Xbox One to be operated using a mouse and keyboard.

Well, we can now put these rumors to rest and confirm that come November 14 this year, you will be able to operate your Xbox One console using a keyboard and mouse. So to hell with the joypad; if you are like me who started playing video games on a PC and never quite gotten comfortable operating using the joypad, this is good news.

Though not all Xbox One titles will be readily compatible with keyboard and mouse operation. In fact, the list of titles that are keyboard-and-mouse read is limited, but Fortnite is the first title that will be ready.

Support for Fortnite keyboard and mouse feature should be rolled out as an update to the game by the end of this week. For the rest of Xbox One titles, it is, of course, the prerogative of the developers to push out support for mouse and keyboard for the Microsoft-made consoles. The end users will receive the update as a typical patch, but one that will make their console start using mouse and keyboard.

There are so far, some few developers who have already reported they have started working on an update for their respective titles. They include:


Bomber Crew Strange Brigade Warhammer: Vermintide 2
War Thunder, X-Morph: Defense Deep Rock Galactic Children of Morta
Vigor Warface Wargroove
DayZ Minion Masters Moonlighter

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