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Creative Online Hustlers, Get Your Father’s Day Merch Lined Up


Digital creative professionals with a podcast, blog, or other online platforms, probably already know that selling merchandise is a fantastic way to help convert your hobby or passion into income. There is no single path to merchandising, and the optimal way for you depends on your art or your political or cultural stances.

If you’ve considered merchandising before, it’s time to stop wondering what is print on demand and take the plunge to augment your revenue. Sometimes it helps to have an external peg around which your merchandise revolves, and with Father’s Day around the corner, why not sell custom products for the dads out there that complement your brand?

Here’s a look at some popular products you may consider selling.

Coffee Mugs

Personalized or customized mugs are a classic Father’s Day gift because children want their dad to wake up with a little personalized touch alongside their morning java. For many people, waking up with a coffee is a near-sacred routine that begins every day.

Perhaps you can create a promotional mug with a “dad joke” on it. The tone and attitude you take should align with your work and, of course, all the dads out there.

Smartphone Case

Brains need a skull, cash needs a wallet, and smartphones need a case. It’s crucial to protect valuable things. For online artists, getting their branding on a smartphone case is excellent because people bring them wherever they go, making their artwork highly visible.

Choose from flexible and hard cases for phones of various sizes. It’s amazing to think that custom printing used to mean mostly t-shirts, but that was back in another era before smartphones even existed.

Comfy Joggers

Whether your dad is bumming around the house on a lazy Sunday or working from home like so many others, who wouldn’t love to have a new pair of comfortable sweatpants? Athletic leisurewear is taking off as people figure that they may as well be comfortable if they’re going to spend so much time at home.

People wear sweatpants until they’re threadbare because sweats seem to get cozier the more they get broken in, kind of like jeans. Digital creators are wise to emblazon such a cherished article of clothing with their logo.

Tumblers and Vacuum-Insulated Bottles

When people need to take their morning coffee routine on the go, a vacuum-insulated bottle or tumbler is perfect for keeping their cup of joe hot and contained. You can print your decals on tumblers of different sizes and use them to keep drinks hot or cold.

It is fitting for writers or podcasters to brand themselves on products associated with coffee consumption, as people in these professions are known for being no stranger to caffeine.

Father’s Day is an excellent time to sit back and appreciate the men who mean so much to us in our lives. If you’re a digital creator selling merchandise online, a Father’s Day campaign could be a nice way to give dads something nice while also creating a nice surge in orders.

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