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Customize the iOS 7 Notification Center Using BetterNC7

by Fahad Saleem

Customize the iOS 7 Notification Center Using BetterNC7

Configuring the way your iOS 7 Notification Center will look and behave has never been much easier. In fact, iPhone users would love to use this amazing notification management app. It is a sort of app which will give you comfort and enable you to manage all sorts of apps. Over the course of last two major redundancies of iOS by Apple, the notification center has increased its efficiency considerably; especially, when it comes to the sketch overhaul that iOS 7 came up with.

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From here, you can control settings such as enabling or disabling the twist on demand, hiding or showing the Yahoo! logo, from where you can adjust your Yahoo account. It can hide or show the “x” button, which can replace the “x” button with a “clear” button. It can show up to three sets of notifications including the missed ones. You can easily hide or show  Notification Center content, it can also enable a transparent Notification Center, Notification Center blur is yet another magnificent effect. Hide or show status bar and grabbers are also a part of this attractive smart app. If that’s not enough for you, you can even disband the entire Notification Center using BetterNC7.

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Honestly, nobody likes to read a ton of lines in a notification bar. For this particular reason, you will be able to edit how many lines of text are allowed to show notifications that appear in the Notification Center, as well as allow you to choose the height of your notification header. You will need to use the respiring button included in the preferences line to respire the device and save your changes every time you make changes to the preferences plate.

Honestly speaking, this is the best app to manage all your system notifications through a single efficient app. It will surely give your iPhone a smart and fancy look, which most of the people want. If you want to try something creative, innovative and smart for iPhone, you must give the BetterNC7 a try. If your device is jailbroken, get it from the BigBoss repository in Cydia.

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