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Denis Villeneuve – the Best Movies


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Denis Villeneuve is the trending filmmaker right now. The French-Canadian film director has the unique ability to narrate stories in the most fluent way that people cannot forget. The creative and gifted film director has made plenty of movies before. His recent work, Dune, is his most ambitious film. It will soon become available in most streaming services online. Denis Villeneuve’s career has grown massively over the years. He has created films in different genres, his most recent genre being science fiction. As you enjoy playing 20 free spins no deposit pl online, consider watching some of the best movies he has made before. Although Dune is the talk of the town now, we think the following four films deserve recognition. 


The Arrival takes position one because it is so far, the most impressive film that Denis has made. The movie genre is science fiction. The Arrival has received nominations for eight Academy Awards for being the most stimulating film. Not only does it explore science fiction, but also the language. The plot comes from the Story of Your Life, a 1998 short story by Ted Chiang. The story is about Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a linguistics professor, who must interact with life forms that have arrived in spacecraft in Montana. She must figure out how to connect with these aliens to know why they came and stop the global war that is about to begin. This film is not only the best that Denis has made. It is also one of the top-rated films in science fiction. 

Blade Runner 2049 

Blade Runner 2049 is a 2017 film in the Science fiction and Action genres. It follows Officer K (Ryan Gosling), a blade runner who knows a secret that could cause lawlessness and disorder in society. Then he encounters a former blade runner and fugitive called Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). If you have watched the first Ridley Scott film before, you would know that Blade Runner 2049 is its continuation. A movie that maintains not just the thrill but also the suspense, from the beginning to the end, Blade Runner 2049 represents Denis Villeneuve’s best work.


This film came out in 2010 and became one of the best drama/mystery movies back then. People love the opening scene and the ending scene. Villeneuve made this well, and it is one of the reasons why he is forever the smartest and the most outstanding film director. Incendies follows the story of Nawal Marwan (Lubna Azabal). She is a mother of twins, Jeanne (Melissa Desormeaux) and Simon(Maxim Gaudette). Nawal leaves behind letters to the twins to read upon her demise. Jeanne must give her letter to a father she has never met while Simon should give his letter to a brother, they both have never known. The twins move to the Middle East to discover the mother’s heritage and secrets from her past. Another movie that got the Academy Award nomination, Incendies features a memorable story from which the audience can learn lessons. 


This film emerged in 2013, and it is a thriller and crime movie. Denis Villeneuve did not create just another forensics crime drama here. Instead, he converted his story into a thriller film that demonstrates how the behaviour of people can change when facing adversity. Based in a rural area in Pennsylvania, the Prisoners tell the story of two girls who were abducted and how the police went after the kidnapper. When they were unable to catch and detain the suspected abductor, the father of one of the girls decided to catch the offender alone.

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