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5 Tips for Building a Social Media Following


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Whether you’re just setting up a social media account for your existing business or you’re launching a new brand that needs to create a presence online, this article has some tips and tricks for helping you to do just that.

In this digital world, an online presence, and on social media specifically, is key to ensuring you succeed. A social media account or two will help you build up your brand, create a following and allow you to connect directly with existing or potential customers.

  1. Find the right social platform for your business

Are you looking to connect with people in your network or other businesses in a business setting? Then LinkedIn is for you. If you’d like to advertise your products, encourage e-commerce and build your brand on social, then Instagram would be your platform. For connecting to younger audiences, then TikTok is the place to get started. For building communities and connecting with your audience, then Facebook would be a good place to look at.

  1. Tell true stories

When building your social media following, it’s crucial to remember that people are looking for authenticity. That’s the key. So, when you’re posting about your band or business, think about what’s true to you and tell that story. Your followers are on your social media to learn about you, not hear you parrot what other people are doing.

  1. Use hashtags

Make sure that people can find you on social sites by adding hashtags. It will enable them to search out terms and find your profile as they look through. You’d be surprised how effective this is! It’s a very low-effort, free way to boost your following. You can also use hashtags to tap into trends (national holidays, for example) to entice people to your account.

  1. Know your audience

Now’s where you get strategic. To ensure you’re creating the right content that will attract new followers, take time to consider your audience. Do you know them well? What do they like, what don’t they like? How do they engage with other brands on social media? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you create relevant posts that will keep them engaged and recommending you to others.

  1. Create interesting content

This leads on simply from the last point. Focus your efforts on creating top-quality, interesting content. Your followers are much more likely to stay engaged and recommend you to others if you’re creating good, interesting posts and content. For example, if you have an audience that’s keen on timepieces, you can create and promote to articles on your site along the lines of “10 affordable luxury watches”.

Another avenue to follow is competitions and promotions. These types of activations can quickly promote engagement with your business as customers discover you to be in with a chance of winning a prize or product.

Hopefully, this list of tips and tricks has provided you with some inspiration as to how you can build and grow your social media following.

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