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E-cigarettes: Deceiving Safety


Photo by Grav on Unsplash

E-cigarettes became so popular among many age groups and sexes. Similar to how slot games or poker online are common among people and not limited to a particular audience. E-cigarettes are similar to traditional cigarettes as both contain nicotine. However, the difference is how you smoke each of them. E-cigarettes have a liquid inside and they work electronically to heat this liquid. When you smoke cigarettes, you produce a vapour known as an aerosol. 

How do E-cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes are sometimes called vapes. They come in various shapes and sizes but are usually compact to take with you anywhere. E-cigarettes are composed of a battery, a heater, and a container for the liquid. 

E-cigarettes are very appealing to many people because of the ease of use, flavor, and creative shapes it comes in. Some of them look like pipes, others take the shape of a USB drive. So, youth especially love to hold something like this and smoke an E-cigarette instead of regular cigarettes. 

The idea of E-cigarettes is that the liquid is placed inside the container it has. This liquid is heated by the small built-in heater producing the vapour or aerosol. Then, when the smoker inhales the E-cigarette, he/she inhales this aerosol and exhales it as well to other people around. The liquid inside the E-cigarettes is usually flavoured. However, it is basically nicotine with some flavour to change how it smells and tastes.  

Risks of E-cigarettes

Many producers of E-cigarettes claim that they are less harmful than normal cigarettes. Yet, if we pay a close look at how they work, you will find that both types of cigarettes work in the same way. In addition, the presence of nicotine is the main problem with cigarettes and it is already present in both types of cigarettes. 

On the other hand, some E-cigarettes producers claim that their products don’t contain nicotine. Moreover, you will find many E-cigarettes liquids sold in the market and advertised as 0% nicotine products. However, studies have shown that most of these products contain nicotine even if in small quantities. So, advertisements are not always right. 

Nicotine has many harmful effects. First, it has a bad effect on adolescents, especially, on their brains. The brain doesn’t stop development until the age of 25. When an adolescent is used to smoking and getting nicotine in his/her lunges, it harms parts of his developing brain. This, by extension, affects attention, concentration, and mood. Another risk associated with vaping is that consuming nicotine urges the person to smoke more. This increases the risk of addiction to other drugs in the future as well. 

For younger people who might be passive smokers, nicotine can affect the functions of their brains. There is something named synapses or connections between brain cells that are built as long as the person is growing older. Nicotine intermits with the development of these synapses and thus, affects brain functions. In brief, the effect of E-cigarettes is more or less the same as traditional cigarettes. Even with the products that are claimed to not contain nicotine, you still don’t know if this is right or wrong.

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