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Everything You Need to Know About Mail Redirection


Image by Muhammad Ribkhan from Pixabay

In a perfect world mail redirection is simple. There are some viable options that you can use. They may seem simple, but they will need some type of pre-planning involved to prevent any delays.

Thinking ahead about the mail is not something that you would normally have high on the priority list. Last minute address changes are not possible so if you did put this task off until the last minute, you have a couple options available.

1. Change of Address Form-If you think ahead, you can change your address for a set fee, which varies between personal and business needs. You can file a change online through the Post Office or Royal Mail website. If that is not feasible you can always go down to the nearest location and make the change by filling out a form and handing it in. They ask that you file the mail redirection requests four weeks in advance, with a minimum requirement of five business days. The longer that you wait to put in the change, the more likely it will be that your mail will not be redirected on time.

2. Get A Post Office Box-You can opt for a Post Office Box that all your mail can be sent to. This is usually a quicker way to have your mail diverted. The box will cost a set amount per year, which can vary depending upon the size of the box and the use of it. This may be a good option in a pinch, but unless you do not have an actual address this can be a costly way to go. Not even counting the time and money that you must spend to go and collect the mail every day.

3. Virtual Mailbox-This is a viable option when you want someone else to deal with your incoming mail, if you don’t mind the royal mail redirection cost. The company that is handling your mail can offer three types of options.

        • One is that they will collect all your mail and inform you when it comes in so you can go down and pick it up.
        • The second choice offers the option of the company forwarding the mail to your new mailing address.
        • The third option will be a more hands on approach that makes it a virtual mailbox. The company will digitize all your mail into a PDF file that you can see immediately in your inbox or cloud storage.

4. Mailroom-The final choice that you have is to take advantage of the Mailroom. It is a step above having a virtual mailbox. A substantial step up that will have the company take over every aspect of your mailing needs. Digitizing all your mail while offering less disruption within the process. It will integrate with Cloud services to make things more secure and accessible. It allows you the ability to go paperless, which is a main shift that the world is pushing for to decrease the amount of pollution.

Mail redirection is a necessity when you move. If you run a virtual office you may not want people to know your actual address, or maybe you don’t even have one. Virtual mailboxes are a way of the future, allowing more people the ability to work from home.

Increasingly more often larger companies are starting to use freelancers to complete their projects. It allows them to decrease their amounts of employees on staff, lower their overhead costs, and allowing them more time to spend working on ideas that will make them even more profits. Which is the main reason for you to open a business.

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