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7 Excellent Free IT Training and Software Courses on Amazon Prime

by Fahad Saleem

Amazon Prime is one of the fastest growing online media content platforms. Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime offers excellent video content for a very affordable price. But most of the people don’t know that there are some amazing IT training and software videos using which you can learn a lot and expand your computer skills. These training videos include cybersecurity training, Cloud tutorials, Cisco firewall courses, Cryptocurrency, Python, Django, GNS 3 and much more. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can take these computer courses for free. These courses are worth a lot of money. Every course contains videos, notes and presentations.

Malware Detection Course

This course teaches you all the famous antivirus tools, including Kaspersky, AVG and McAfee. This course will equip you with enough skills to manage a complete computer security system of a small organization. The course walks you through different ways hackers could infiltrate a website or a software system, and teache you how to put an end to these loopholes.

Cisco ASA Firewall Course

This course on Amazon Prime is a complete guide on Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance). ASA is one of the most-used security solutions in the Enterprise world.  The course shows how to integrate and configure ASA solutions using GUI interface. You will also learn about filtering LAN traffic, filtering firewall rules, Dynamic NAT, Static NAT, Port Forwarding. This video course also teaches you about ASDM, the Adaptive Security Device Manager.

Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer courses all about the commercially available Xen virtualization platform by Citrix. Small and large business use this platform for hypervisor functions like migration and clustering. The Citrix XenServer course will teach you every about this platform, including performance monitoring, designing algorithms and detailed analysis.

AWS Cloud Computing Course

There is a lot of hullabaloo about Cloud computing. This course will teach you what exactly is Cloud computing, at a theoretical and practical level. You will learn in detail about SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The best thing about this Cloud computing course is that you will get a chance to learn in detail about Amazon Web Services, the biggest Cloud platform in the world, which is used by thousands of businesses and companies. You will also learn about hosted servers in EC2, Databases in AWS, Using the AWS CLI. There are also a few modules about Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which is the second biggest Cloud platform in the world.

VMWare Certified Professional

This course is a certification named VMware Certified Professional certification. This is one of the best certifications in the IT System administrators ecosphere.

Penetration Testing Course

Penetration Testing is one of the pillars of modern cybersecurity techniques. This course teaches you different tools of pen-testing and how to detect hacking attempts.

Google Apps Course

Google Apps for Business is becoming a hot favorite of large business and Enterprise organizations. This course teaches you everything about Google Apps, including setting up and configuring app, setting up internal collaboration environments, using Groups, managing passwords, creating whitelists, managing authorizations and much more.

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