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Facebook Reactions and Dislike (Thumbs Down) Button coming to a Messenger near you

by Milicent Atieno
facebook reactions

If you have been waiting for the Dislike (Thumbs Down) button, well, it is just around the corner headed your way on Facebook. But not where you expect!

In those occasions when you have to reply to your friends’ messages fast, Facebook has added you more choices of emojis to choose from. In fact, the same emojis you have been using on New Feed posts will now be available for use in your inbox too.

As part of a new feature coming to Facebook Messenger, the social network is currently testing Reactions and the Dislike button in inbox chatting. Currently, only a handful of users have gotten these features. Facebook is probably currently doing a dry run to ensure the new features are bug-free and can be supported effectively by its infrastructure.

How Facebook Reactions and Dislike Button works in Messenger

When you go into your inbox, and you hover over a message, the Reactions will pop up. Just like they do pop up when you hover over News Feed posts. You will have the following choices of Reaction in addition to the thumbs down button; lol, wow, sad, heart-eyes, like, and angry emoji.

The Reaction will be seen below the specific message it is attached to, and visible to anyone in the thread. Tapping the Reaction will enable you to find out who left it, in the event of a group chat. The most notable feature coming to Messenger is the Dislike (Thumbs Down) button that has always been requested and always denied on News Feed posts.

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