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Learn to Win With Facebook Ads for eCommerce: Key Tips


Social media presence is a must for any business these days, as it connects 4.48 billion users around the world. The modern consumer spends hours on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms daily. Social media marketing lets brands reach their customers where they are, and maximize results with a targeted approach. E-commerce activities account for a substantial portion of retail revenue. Whether your store works online or has brick-and-mortar outlets, you cannot ignore networks like Facebook.

This platform is the biggest and most popular, which also makes it a crucial promotional channel for companies of any size. Advanced AI-driven systems like Aitarget will create engaging ads automatically and transfer them across the digital space. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve using just your product feed and templates approved by Facebook. Here are the keys to success on the platform in 2021.

Is Advertising on Facebook Still Worth It?

In recent years, some business owners have grown skeptical about the potential of Facebook, but this is merely a misconception. Facebook ads are still effective and relevant. Although their prices have risen, the network is still used by over 2.5 billion consumers and several hundred million companies around the world. You simply cannot get a comparable scope of exposure on any other platform.

In addition, recent changes to the algorithms have made organic reach less effective. This means that the average user is less likely to see your organic posts in their news feed — this indicator has plunged to just 5%. In 2021, the news stream is dominated by posts from friends and family interspersed with paid ads. To sum up, you cannot reach your business goals without Facebook advertisements.

Overview of Costs

The cost has grown, but the impressive ROI still justifies the investment. Today, corporate users pay around 1.5 dollars in CPC (Cost Per Click). Your expenditure will depend on different criteria, so every case is unique. The biggest factors are the location and promotional goals of your company. Prices also differ depending on the timing — the day of the week, hours, and months.

The rates for different industries vary, too. Australia is now the priciest location, while finance and insurance are the most expensive industries. The average CPL (Cost per Like) in the US is around $1, while CPI (Cost per app install) in developed countries is over $3. These are approximations.

Top Tips for Running a Facebook Ads Campaign

Any social media campaign is a multifaceted endeavor. It requires the knowledge of targeting methods, Facebook Pixel, prominence, and other criteria. Here are the basics of promotion on the most popular social network.

1. Discover Facebook Pixel

This HTML tag must be integrated into your website header. Its role is simple but vital — to let you track Facebook users that visit your store. This piece of code captures their profiles, so you can assess campaign efficiency and make improvements if necessary.

Aside from the profiles, you will see how many of the users started a particular action like selecting products, but did not finalize the purchase. Using Facebook retargeting afterward, you can adjust your ads to these potential customers, so they can return. Facebook Pixel also summarizes everything that is a consequence of your organic posting.

2. Broaden Your Reach

Some businesses prefer to limit targeting to one niche, while others pursue a broader strategy. While opinions vary, it is clear that a wider reach is usually more cost-effective. At the same time, companies from specific industries benefit from focusing on a narrow segment of the audience.

Facebook lets you target users with a specific gender, occupation, age, marital status, hobbies, attitude to charity, and more. The sheer number of criteria is stunning. For instance, a company targeting young gamers may have its ads shown to males between the ages of 18 and 30 who play specific games.

While the ads will be relevant, there is also a downside — higher costs. Moreover, the number of potential customers will be limited. Here are the main upsides of broader ad audiences:

  • As more users see the ads, this method is more effective for boosting brand awareness and reaching more potential leads.
  • Facebook charges companies more for narrowly targeted ads, so the costs will also be comparatively modest.
  • Due to the complexity of its algorithm, Facebook may still involve a narrower audience as a bonus. This means you will get two for the price of one.

3. No Ordinary Ads

Social media users are bombarded with ads all the time. Content that looks mechanical or boring does not stop them from scrolling. To attract and retain attention, your ads must stand out. Generic messages, low-quality images, and anything that looks salesy are major turn-offs. Your ads must be brief, to the point, and unique. It is also important to know how your ad will look on different devices as you don’t want to put someone off just because they are on their phone instead of a laptop. So see how ios changes the way facebook ads are.

First, focus on creating a natural look. Consumers are deterred by explicit advertisements. Your ads should resemble posts from friends or celebrities they follow. Conventional designs do not work anymore.

Secondly, ensure uniqueness. Pay attention to every tiny detail of your ad. The combination of words, colors, and shapes must make it extraordinary and eye-catching.

If you use video ads, make sure they have an optimal speed. As you have just a fraction of a second to capture the attention of your potential customer, choose a high pace or involve a celebrity. Finally, you could use GIFs instead of images or videos. This is a great intermediate option, as such files are neither static nor complex, but they are cheap and catchy at the same time.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Presence

Automatic tools powered by AI will help you launch, manage and streamline campaigns across social media platforms. You can achieve a lot with unique and outstanding ads, particularly dynamic creatives that are also properly scheduled. Finally, remember that while broad targeting allows you to reach more people on Facebook, it increases your cost per ad.

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