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First, It Was Celebrities, Now Facebook To Pay Publishers To Use Facebook Live

by Felix Omondi
First, It Was Celebrities, Now Facebook Pays Publishers To Use Facebook Live

Coming hot on the heels of Google’s announcement that it plans to launch a livestreaming app, YouTube Connect, Facebook is drumming up support for its livestreaming space Facebook Live all the more louder.

In recent weeks, the social media giant has been soliciting the support of celebrities to use the Facebook Live. A Facebook product that enables users to stream live videos right from their smartphones; the company is even paying celebrities to do so.

It has now emerged that Facebook is enticing online publishers and media houses to use Facebook Live to reach their audience in real time. Notable big media companies that are said to have been approached by Facebook to use their livestreaming product include the New York Times, BuzzFeed and Vox Media. The social network will be paying them to use the Facebook Live product.

On Wednesday this week, Tastemade, the video network featuring videos on food and travel made an announcement that it will soon start broadcasting 100 live, and exclusive videos on Facebook live each month.

It seems the race to become the alpha in the livestreaming app businesses is about to get more intense with teeth and claws all drawn out. As Google’s announced the launching of its YouTube Connect, and Facebook aggressively drumming up support for its Facebook Live, we should expect Twitter to react with its Periscope.

As a publisher or marketer, using Facebook Live might be to your benefit. Facebook is, of course, drumming up support for the platform, and chances are high they have tweaked up the algorithm for News Feed to prioritize live videos being broadcasted. Not forgetting Facebook will send out push notification whenever there are live videos and also alerting ‘Facebookers’ whenever they missed a live video.

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