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Fix ‘No SIM Card Installed’ iPhone Error

by Fahad Saleem

Fix ‘No SIM Card Installed’ iPhone Error

No sim card installed problem in iPhone mostly comes in iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C but a number of users of new models of iPhone like iPhone 6 have also reported that their sim cards are not being recognized by their device. This error is also common in iPhone 4 models. Mostly, the error comes because of a faulty sim card, misplacement of the card in the hardware, malfunctioning service.

If you have tried restarting the device, making sure that the sim card is placed in the correct slot and still getting the No sim card installed iPhone problem, I will tell you two of the best fixes which work like a charm and solve the no sim installed error in iPhone.

Cleaning the Copper Side of SIM

First, we will use the strategy which works mostly. iPhone hardware has sensors which are used to detect the sim card. When the sim card is not clean and has a lot of dust particles, the no sim card installed problem comes in iPhone. You can fix it easily.

Put out the sim card from your iPhone. You can do so by putting a pin in the hole beside the sim card slot. Push it a bit and the sim card will be popped out.

Now, take some alcohol, spirit or perfume. Take a cotton bird, stir it in the alcohol and rub it against the copper/golden surface of the sim card.

Let the sim card dry for at least 5 minutes. When it’s sure that the copper surface of the sim card is dry, put the sim card back in the slot.

Reboot the iPhone and everything will work like a charm. This is how to fix No sim card installed iPhone problem. If this fix didn’t work, don’t worry. Try the other trick below.

 Turning ON Airplane Mode and Resetting the iPhone

Your iPhone must be running the latest version of iOS. You can get the latest update by going in Settings and checking for an update if available.

Launch ‘Settings’ in your iPhone and toggle the ‘Airplane Mode’ On and Off.

Again go to ‘Settings’ and go to ‘General’ Tab.

Now tap ‘Reset’ and ‘Reset Network Settings’

Now Remove the sim card from your iPhone, put it back in and restart the device.

This should fix ‘no sim card installed’ error in iPhone. Let me know which one worked for you and if nothing works, tell us in the comments section below and we will try to fix it for you.

Photo source: OSXDaily

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