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Fix Thread Stuck in Device Driver Problem in Windows 10, Windos 8, 7, XP, Vista

by Fahad Saleem

Windows users across the world are facing 0x100000ea error, also known as thread Stuck in Device Driver  problem, be it Windows 10, Windows 8 or earlier versions. This problem causes a lot of lags and forces the users to restart the machine. But luckily, after finding the real causes of this problem, we are able to fix thread stuck in device driver error in Windows by following the below-mentioned solutions.

Fix Thread Stuck in Device Driver Problem

Update Drivers

You must update all the drivers manually by going to the device manager. If you faced thread stuck in device driver while using printer, scanner or just a random out of the blue error, you must update drivers for the specific device or system in general.

thread stuck fix 1 thread stuck fix 2

Open the Device Manager in your computer and check if you see any yellow exclamation mark with any of the “Display Adapters”. If yes, this means that this device adapter is the culprit. Click on its properties and update its driver. You can also manually search the latest drivers for this adapter or device.

AMD Graphics Card

The device driver thread error has been reported by many AMD graphics card users. If you are also an AMD user, you must uninstall every AMD driver and reinstall the latest drivers afresh to fix this problem. As I mentioned above, this issue is largely related to the drivers of the computer.

Flash and Update BIOS

Flashing and updating the BIOS is another great way to fix thread stuck in device driver issues in Windows.  You can check out this link and research a little according to your laptop company and model on the details of how to flash and update BIOS.

How to Detect a Faulty Driver

Open device manager and click on the View Tab, and then click on “Show hidden devices”.

Now click on ‘Scan for Hardware changes’.

If you see any unknown devices here, just right click on them and go to their properties and see if there is any error message in the ‘general tab’. If you see any error message, like this device is not working fine etc, this means this needs a driver update. You must update the driver for that device in order to fix thread issues.

In case you are still facing thread stuck in device driver problem, comment on this post with details and we will get back to you.


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