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Fix YouTube and Other Videos Keep Pausing in Samsung Galaxy Phones

by Fahad Saleem

We watch videos on our phone almost daily. Whether they are YouTube videos, video received on WhatsApp and from other social media platforms, most of our time on the phone is spent on the video content. Any problem in this experience could be excruciatingly bad. A number of Samsung Galaxy users, especially those of Galaxy S5 have reported that YouTube and other videos pause again and again on the phone. You play the video, gets a nice flow, but the video pauses. Ok, it might be related to a random touch, so you play the video again, watch it for a couple of minutes, but then the video pauses again. This article provides a way to fix videos pausing on Galaxy Android phones again and again issue.

Disable Smart Pause

Just launch settings in your Android phone and then move on to “Motions and Gesture” option. Now go to Mute/Pause section. All of the options here must be disabled. If they are enabled, you can toggle the buttons off and disable them. Especially, pay attention to the “Smart Pause” option. This is the main culprit which is turning off your videos. Just disable this option as well as other gestures and your video won’t be paused randomly.

video pause again and again 1 video pause again and again 2

Internet Connection and Buffering

If you are still facing YouTube video pausing in Galaxy phones again and again, chances are that the phone is pausing the video for buffering the data. You must have a steady, fast internet connection if you want to watch a video smoothly. Make sure the signals are strong. Pause the video for a few minutes and let the video buffer a little so that you could watch it smoothly, without any lags and pauses.

 Tricky Headphones 

Tricky headphones are also causing video pause in phones. When you plug in the earphones or headphones in your phone, the video or running media is paused, in order to let you set the volume to safe levels and other settings. Now, if your jack is loose and the headphone is not connected properly, it keeps connecting and disconnecting with the phone, causing the video to pause again and again. Keep the headphone connected with the jack tightly and double check if the port is connected well.

Display and Wallpapers Settings

Launch settings in your Android phone and then go to Display and Wallpapers. Then go to Smart Stay and make sure it is disabled.

Uninstall/Install Updates

Many users were able to fix video pausing in Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy phones by updating or downgrading the YouTube app versions or browser versions. You must have the latest YouTube app version. If you are still facing the problem, you can go one step down and uninstall the updates by going to -> setting/applications/applications manager/downloaded/YouTube and click uninstall updates. Sometimes downgrading and updating versions can fix a crucial problem.

Change Video Player

If you are still facing video pausing issue, I would recommend using a different video player instead of what you are using right now. You can download and install MX Player in your galaxy phone and play videos. Many users were to fix the problem with this player.


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