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How to Force Restart iPhone X when it freezes

by Felix Omondi
Force Restart iPhone X

iPhone X is an impressive gadget. Apple released it in commemoration of its 10th birthday, and it is safe to say, the company went all out to make it stand above all other previous versions.

However, despite Apple’s best efforts, the iPhone X just like any other smartphones do freeze up every now and then. The phone can be outright frustrating when it becomes unresponsive; something often attributed to software glitches. To be precise, it might be a problem being caused by a buggy app, or the software update not installing properly.

Whatever the cause, your smartphone freezing can leave you in a very treacherous situation. I mean calls have to be made, posts have to be done on social media, and selfies have to be taken. So who has the time and mind for a freezing iPhone?

Force Restart iPhone X

The good thing is that Apple did make a solid iOS, a very stable mobile operating system. That a minor software problem can be fixed by simply powering down, then booting up. Force restarting your iPhone X is done in a different fashion compared to other iPhone models.

When you long-press the Side button on an iPhone X, it will activate Siri. The process of shutting down the iPhone X is also different from how you shut down other iPhone models.

To get the ‘slide to power off’ option, you will need to go Settings > and access the Shut Down button, or press the Side button and either Volume Up or Down together.

That said, if (or when) your iPhone X freezes, and you need a force restart to bring the smartphone back to life, you will need to press then quickly release the Volume up button. Followed by the Volume Down button. Next, press the Slide Button and hold it until the display shuts down suddenly. You will have to tap and hold on the Slide Button for about 10 seconds.

Force Restart iPhone X

Image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

You will need to hold down the Side Button, and only release it when the phone turns back on with the Apple logo showing during the boot-up screen. That is the same process for force restarting both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Your phone should be able to boot-up normally, and hopefully, all your data should still be intact. Once your phone is up and running, you should endeavor in learning what caused the freezing up in the first place. However, generally most iPhones run smoothly, and incidences of freezing are more common with jailbroken handsets.

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