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Return View Image feature on Google Images with these Chrome and Firefox extension

by Milicent Atieno
google image view image

Google is without a doubt one of the best technology companies of the 20th and 21st centuries, if not the best. The company did not get there by doing things users did not like, so it beats logic how they got it into their heads to remove View Image feature on Google Images. A feature that most people have come to rely on so much when you want to clearly see an image you get from a Google Image search.

Such act of shooting oneself on your own foot is common with Microsoft, but it is quite rare with Google. Anyway, now that Google decided to remove the View Image option for Google Images (all thanks to Getty Images), we have to learn to live with it or get innovative.

Well, a team of developers have decided we get innovative, and have built browser extension that returns the View Image feature on Google Images. First thing, first! When searching for images online, we suggest you use Startpage image search engine instead of Google Image. Startpage, unlike Google Image, allows you to view an image online directly. The image gets opened via a proxy, and your IP address is masked from the site hosting the image.

However, if you must continue using Google Image to run image search online, then to avoid the inconvenience of not having the View Image feature. You need to install this new View Image extension for Chrome and Firefox.

The extension should work fine with compatible browsers like Opera and Vivaldi. Though this extension will require access to your data on all Google sites. You can check out more information about it at GitHub.

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