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Future Of Internet Belongs To 5G: Everything You Need To Know About Data Speeds, Transfer Rates and Mobility

by Fahad Saleem

Future of Internet Data Rates with 5G

The internet technology has seen a tremendous boom in recent times all over the world. With the release of extremely high speed data rates of 1Gbps for low mobility communication using 4G LTE technology, it is possible to download the HD movies in a blink of an eye. You just think of something on web, and it will open instantly. The internet development has now moved towards exploring new horizons. The planning of launching 5G has started already. In this article, I will present you an interesting preview of 5G technology.

According to Professor Rahim Tafazolli, head of the 5G Innovation Centre at the Univeristy of Surrey, the rated speed of 5G internet could reach up to 800Gbps. This is such an unimaginable speed at the moment. Consider downloading an HD movie of 8GB size from a server and it will take just fraction of a second to download that movie (~0.08 seconds). As soon as you click the movie link, it will be there for you. It will take more time to copy a text file from one folder to another as compared to downloading a movie from internet.

You will now be wondering how fast would the streaming be at 800Gbps. When you will open YouTube to stream your favorite song in 1080p, it will run smoothly without absolutely any pause. The videos will be buffered completely as soon as you start watching them.

Earlier in 2012, there was a little skepticism about launching 5G in the future. However, the researchers are quite positive in this notion. New mobile generations are assigned new frequency bands and also a wider spectral bandwidth per frequency channel. The 4G networks are typically broadcasted at the frequency of 100MHz. The best advantage of 4G network is the uninterrupted communication via video calls. When you imagine 5G, you can easily think, how convenient it would be, for video calling.

The internet connectivity on mobiles has become more a necessity than a luxury these days. The mobile users are browsing internet for staying updated with the current situation, using apps for various purposes, and chatting with the buddies. The research is heading forward to offer users the best possible internet experience in the form of 5G.

Neelie Kroes, the European Commissioner, committed 50 Million Euros for research to deliver 5G mobile technology by the end of 2020. In 2013, another project has started, called as “5GrEEn”. It is focused on the Green 5G Mobile Networks. These networks will focus on network efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.

Another aspect of 5G is the compatibility of the services with the technology. The mobiles, PCs, tablets, and other gadgets will have to include the 5G compatible firmware. Moreover, the software services like Netflix will also be modified.

In short, the 5G technology will offer tremendous data rate for internet users, which they would have regarded as impossible even two years ago. The projects are still going on and we should expect to see some prospects of 5G in next 2 to 3 years.

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