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Genius Dental Marketing Ideas that’ll have Patients Lining Up outside your Door


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Nobody really wants to go to the dentist (sorry if you’re a dental professional who thinks otherwise). Mainly what they want to do is avoid pain, or alleviate it when it strikes.

For that reason, dentists have a bit of a challenge on their hands. They have to somehow find a way of selling a service that people usually only want as a last resort.

Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It turns out that there are a host of advanced marketing strategies that you can use to improve outcomes and get more people to call your dental practice home.

Create Click-Call Ads

Whenever people search using terms, like “dentist near me,” you can bet that they have a serious oral health issue. It’s unlikely that people would spend time conducting searches like that, just out of pure interest.

As a practice, therefore, you need to make sure that you’re ready to pounce on these opportunities.

Perhaps the best way to do this is to create so-called “click-call” ads. These are precisely what they sound like: ads that your customers can click instantly call your reception staff and book appointments.

For most enterprises, these ads don’t really work. But when patients are in pain, they’re willing to try anything and will call you if they believe that you can solve their dental issues.

Target On Facebook

Another thing that you can try is demographic targeting. You can do this by selecting the types of groups most in need of your services.

In the past, conducting this type of marketing was a significant challenge because getting hold of the necessary data was difficult. But thanks to Facebook, getting the inside scoop on your clients has become substantially easier.

All you need to do is tell Facebook the type of person you want to advertise to, and it’ll automatically filter out less likely leads. This way, you can channel your marketing dollars more productively.

Set Appointment Reminders

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Getting patients to show up to dentist appointments can be tricky. They’ll find every excuse in the book not to attend.

The best way to prevent this is to set appointment reminders. Make it clear that if they cancel within 24 hours of their scheduled time, they will have to pay a cancellation fee to cover your costs. This acts as a strong incentive to get them to show up and go through with the treatment that they need.

Use Income Targeting

Another approach you can use is income targeting on Google. This tool allows you to target households with different levels of income.

People in the bottom 10 percent, for instance, are probably interested in getting basic services to keep their mouths healthy. Those in the top tier, however, might want to get more expensive treatments, such as tooth alignment.

Target Emergency Keywords

Agencies who specialize in dental SEO, such as Denterica, often advise their clients to fill their websites with highly relevant keywords. Practices will then dutifully include keywords such as “cavity” or “root canal.”

Unfortunately, though, most dental practices are targeting these keywords, increasing competition. And, furthermore, these keywords don’t indicate that a patient desperately needs your services, so conversion rates are low.

A better approach is to target emergency-related keywords. People will often type phrases into search engines such as:

  • “How much pain before I should visit a dentist?”
  • “What to do if your tooth gets knocked out”

You can use these emergency search keywords in your website copy. This way, when users type them in, Google will naturally privilege your site above others.

Add Your Details On Yelp

If you think that Yelp is just for tradespeople, then think again. Register and claim your business on Yelp and then use it to post reviews that millennials will use to decide on whether to use your services or not.

Stat Video Advertising

If you’re not using video advertising yet to market your clinic, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. Video is the best way to introduce new people to your practice and put them at ease. It gives you a chance to showcase the care that you take to avoid pain, and the sympathy that you have for your patients.

Videos can also go viral and become extremely popular. So posting them on YouTube is a good idea.

Host Local Events

Lastly, you can reach out to your community via local events. These are a great opportunity to introduce people to your brand and talk about the ways you help the community. Giving out free toothbrushes at the same time is always a good idea.

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