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How to Get Reminder Notifications for Friends’ Birthdays Using Google Calendar

by Fahad Saleem

To be honest, birthdays are becoming a pain in the a*s. With so many friends and acquaintances, you cannot just possibly remember everyone’s birthday. And to make the matters worse, people always mind if you don’t wish them timely. But hey, technology always has a solution to every problem. Since I started using Google Calendar, remembering birthdays isn’t an issue for me. Google Calendar notifies me about people’s birthdays on Email, appsand SMS.  In this article I will tell you how to use Google Calendar to get reminders about your friends’ birthdays.

1- Click on this link to Open Google Calendar page. Make sure you are logged in your Gmail account.

From the left side, click on My Calendar and then click on Birthdays. You will get a complete date page with dates and days columns and rows. There will be separate slots for time. Select your slot and add the name of the event. Click on “Create”. An event reminder will be created. Click on that event and you will be able to edit it. You can add time details, notification message and much more.


Alternative Way

2.Open Google Calendar and launch settings and go to Calendar settings. Now go to the Calendar tab and follow the Browse interesting calendars » link under Other Calendars.

Open the More tab.

Click Subscribe for Contacts’ birthdays and events.

If you are unable to perform the above steps, go to On the left side of the screen, go to other calendars, find Friends’ Birthdays. Now click the drop down arrow and select Reminders and notifications from the menu

There will be an Event Reminders section. Click on it and then click on Add a reminder, set the desired reminder. Click Save.

This is how to use Google Calendar to remember birthdays and get reminder notifications and alerts.


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