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Start Smart: African Startup That Manages Your Resources in Business

by Fahad Saleem

Start Smart: African Startup That  Manages Your Resources in Busineess

Financial management is the most sensitive requirement in businesses these days. The entrepreneurs must have all the necessary resources and tools to manage their resources for the business environment. Fortunately, a new Ghana-based startup, Start Smart, provides these essential features for business ventures even for the beginners.

The founder of Start Smart and CEO, Juliana Taylor, while studying Economics and Management Studies at Princeton University, became quite interested in the emerging markets and the business development within those areas. He relished the environment that provided his tough challenge being highly unpredictable.

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After completing her graduation, she moved to Ghana where she was employed by Google while focusing on the SME outreach programmes. While working there, Taylor identified that there could be various opportunities for cheaper access to professional activities like consulting, bookkeeping, training, and finding the solutions for businesses.

Her work in Ghana brought her into contact with plenty of businessmen and entrepreneurs who couldn’t make rapid progress due to lack of necessary tools of business management. Training resources have been scarce. This situation led her to launch Start Smart at the start of the year that is regarded as the “Startup for Startups”. This platform provides tools, training opportunities, and advice to entrepreneurs seeking to excel in their career.

The intuitive and cloud based approach aim to make the financial management as tension free as possible. Other key features of this platform include its ease of use, and the provision to use the bookkeeping tool both online and via SMS.

Without any background in the accounting people can easily track their salary, revenue, and expense information using any kind of internet connected device. The meaning of cloud-based is that it is very secure and usually comes with SSL certificates as well as regular data backup.

The current competitors of Start Smart are eminent services such as Sage Pastel, Quickbooks, Wave, Bluubin, Ping Accounts, Wave, and Uhasibu. Taylor carries the opinion that the approach of Start Smart is directed to reach the level of beginners. This approach will stand out in the competition with other companies. The approach of Start Smart includes following elements.

  • Providing the skills necessary for success with the aid of publications and trainings
  • Building the tactics and strategies for the long term sustainability
  • Creating opportunities for further growth in the future by banking on the strong foundation

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